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We’re the UK’s largest breast cancer charity – and we’re dedicated to funding research into this devastating disease. We believe that if we all act now, by 2050 everyone who develops breast cancer will live. But we’ll only get there with your help.

Corinne and Claire's Tandem Skydive

Corinne Carter, Claire Derville
Corinne Carter has raised 160% of the target
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Hi everybody!

Claire and I are doing a sponsored sky dive for Breast Cancer Campaign, please sponsor us so that there is no way we can back out!

Donating through this site is simple.

My charity will receive your money quickly and easily and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Many thanks for your support,

Corinne and Claire

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
James P29/07/11£10.00Well done
Sarah Howes13/07/11£10.00You did absolutely brilliantly girls - well done!
Tom de Lee11/07/11£20.00Nice one Dirtbag!
Ally Bryant11/07/11£20.00Well Done!
Lu & Rick Coward10/07/11£20.00Sorry we're late, but well done on the dive, Derv (and Corinne)! X x
Sushi10/07/11£10.00Amazing soo brave !! xx
Mike09/07/11£20.00Only skydivers know why the birds sing!! Enjoy it girls!!!
Donna08/07/11£20.00Enjoy girls, you'll have a scream!! : )
Derville08/07/11£50.00Thank you (I think) for making me do this Corinne! x
Ange and Toby08/07/11£10.00Good luck girls!
Rick M08/07/11£5.00Jumping out of a perfectly good plane? Madness! Good luck!
Rothers08/07/11£10.00Must be easier ways to raise money! Very commendable...good luck girlies! xxx
Richard08/07/11£50.00Good luck guys!
Kayley08/07/11£5.00Amazing effort ladies, good luck!!!
Crawl !08/07/11£20.00Go girls. Something very close to my heart - breasts ! Or Moobs in my case !! Admire you both very much xxx
Sam08/07/11£20.00Jolly good show ladies. Can;t wait to see the DVD... xx
Caroline Roper08/07/11£10.00Good luck girlies! Such a good cause and an amazing experience
Chris Berry08/07/11£10.00You are very brave Claire! A great charity I will always support x
Coz08/07/11£20.00We can do it Claire!
Nicola from JWT08/07/11£10.00 
anonymous07/07/11£20.00Good luck girls
Tom, Emma, Katie and Sam06/07/11£30.00You are both as mad as hatters.... Good Luck and BE CAREFUL! Very, very proud of you xxx
anonymous02/07/11£20.00Enjoy yourselves - it's going to be amazing!
Danielle.P27/06/11£10.00Good effort girls - enjoy! : ) x
Dan Roberts24/06/11£20.00Good luck ladies! Hope they give you the good parachutes!
Nicola Durkin24/06/11£10.00Good Luck girls! :-) xxx
Tori 24/06/11£20.00Good luck girls, fab charity but super scary!! Don't forget to smile x
Helen, Graham and Freddie24/06/11£50.00Don't do it! We'll all give you the money anyway! But if you do manage it, we'll be very very proud.... but don't do it again ok! All love, Hells, Gray and Fred xxx
AC20/06/11£22.00Remember backflip out the aircraft and give a double thumbs up to the camera! Enjoy x
KELLY SELLWOOD17/06/11£10.00Go on gals. what an amazing/scary thing to do for such a great charity!! Good luck xx
Mum n Dad Pateman14/06/11£50.00Very very proud of you, but don't want to see you do it!XxxX
Aunty Heather14/06/11£25.00Fantastic Claire! What a thing to do. Best of luck to you both and be careful. Lots of Love Aunty Heather & Uncle Roger x
Matthew Berry13/06/11£50.00I'll be there to catch you. Xxx
Emma Hunter12/06/11£10.00It'll be amazing! Well done ladies x
Jenny White09/06/11£10.00Russ is doing a skydive today, which reminded me to sponsor you! I haven't heard from him so hope he's ok!! You'll absolutely love it xx
KeithR08/06/11£10.00Good luck ladies, hope its awesome!!!
Peter H03/06/11£10.00 
Turtonator03/06/11£50.00You crazy kids... but good on you Both!! I climbed a mounting to that height... it looked a mighty long way down.
Tim & Rach03/06/11£20.00WOW! You people are sooo brave! Respect. xx
Joey02/06/11£23.00I love you wifey... be safe and give it a good pull (sorry) x
Tamsin 02/06/11£20.00Good luck you crazy people! (Claire, if you didn't want to help with the move you really should have said! ;)) x
Paul02/06/11£20.00Good luck!
Charlie01/06/11£10.00Good luck ladies. Very commendable. xx
Jenny H01/06/11£10.00Good luck girls!
Chris27/05/11£20.00You crazy girls! Hope you land safely.
Brewski27/05/11£20.00All the luck in the world girls!! Very proud of you - Scary stuff but all in the name of charity!! xxx
Justin Choules27/05/11£20.00Good luck girls! You are gonna love it - one of the most amazing experiences you simply have to do to believe, and for such a worthwhile cause too - good on ya! Justin x
Lisa27/05/11£10.00Good Luck girls. I'm slightly scared for you but sure it will be amazing! xxx
Auntie Cheryl, Auntie Anna & Uncle John, Sharna, Thompsons27/05/11£50.00 
Serena27/05/11£10.00Have fun girls! xx
Nikki Zamblera23/05/11£100.00Good luck girls.
Mum & Dad23/05/11£50.00Be very very careful, You're precious to us! Good luck - Happy landing.
Dan Schlanker22/05/11£15.00Good luck and pack some Savlon in case you bump your head.
Sarah F20/05/11£40.00Go for it! Have fun and enjoy every moment! xx
Rachel G-M19/05/11£20.00Have a wondeful jump- enjoy it!!
Lynds19/05/11£20.00Good luck for a great cause. x
mark stevens18/05/11£50.00good luck girls, braver than me
Gill Oakes18/05/11£10.00Good luck!
Kev18/05/11£20.00What a lovely pair! x
Phill18/05/11£20.00Loads of luck, girlies! You're going to have so much fun. Make sure you get the DVD - you're going to be telling your grandkids about this one day! x
Total donated online: £1,380.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £345.00
Corinne and Claire's Tandem Skydive

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