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HemiHelp is a charity providing support and information to people with hemiplegia, a neurological condition that weakens one side of the body. HemiHelp works towards the goal of ensuring that every young person with hemiplegia is able to reach their potential and become a self-confident, independent person.

Dominic's DIFC London to Brighton Cycle 2011

Dominic Burgan has raised 1280% of the target
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Dominic Burgan

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My online donors:
Mishal29/09/11£20.00Well done ...very inspiring I might try it next year
Alex G21/09/11£50.00Dom - you are an amazing guy, if only I could be more like you!
Paul and Eleanor18/09/11£20.00Well done Dom !
Matt and Amy Martin15/09/11£10.00Well done Dom!
The Hong Kong Choudhury's15/09/11£25.00Dom - Great effort mate, can't believe I was late in the sponsorship and as a reward I got to see you in all your cycling getup...jeez, now I'm traumatised!
Kathy & Phil15/09/11£20.00Well done Dom! Hope you had a great day and the chaffing is not too bad. Cheers Kathy & Phil
anonymous14/09/11£20.00good effort!
Dom savage13/09/11£20.00Great effort Dom! All the best Dom,rach, Lucy and katie
JB (Glesga)13/09/11£10.00Dom....well done mate....I managed 9 miles in my charity cycle (although I did have my 6yrs old son cycling along side me - thankfully he wouldn't make 60miles so I didn't have to try!)
James13/09/11£20.00well done, sounded relaxing
Jo C13/09/11£20.00well done Dom
Peteos13/09/11£50.00Well done - where are the pictures...people want to see the pain, the joy....and perhaps the lycra.
anonymous13/09/11£20.00Well done, Dom. Same again next year?
Matt M13/09/11£20.00 
anonymous13/09/11£50.00Super Duper!..Keep up the great work - Atlas Mumbai Team
Nick Dunstone13/09/11£20.00Congrats - you deserve a beer!
Andy Neil13/09/11£10.00Well done!
Vinoy, Tania, Evan12/09/11£30.00Well done Burganator! Props from the Nursiah's
Tagnuts solly07/09/11£20.00I hope you cramp up real bad Love Ben
ju06/09/11£20.00good luck
anonymous05/09/11£50.00Don't forget your best lycra. Good luck
Sir02/09/11£35.00I hope that bike of mine gets you there! Good Luck
Sal N31/08/11£20.00Good Luck Dom, I'm sure you'll do us proud x
Hayley Saul30/08/11£10.00Go for it Dom - can't wait to see the pictures of you in your cycling shorts!
Phil26/08/11£20.00Good luck and safe journey x
Hels, j & Ollie25/08/11£30.00Good on you and good luck. Xx
Sally25/08/11£10.00Go for it Dom! Loads of luck xx
Rich25/08/11£50.00Go go go team mate, but don't leave me behind!
Marie25/08/11£20.00Good luck Dom!!
Graham & Susan25/08/11£100.00Great cause, Great Granddaughter, Good Luck.
Richard & Nicky24/08/11£100.00All the best to you & Ella!
Holly 24/08/11£10.00Good luck speedy!
Eddy Merckx24/08/11£250.00Any cobblestones? Good luck!
Stu O24/08/11£20.00Well done matey. I hope the saddle sores won't be too bad!
Guilherme17/08/11£10.00go-go-go !!!
Trist17/08/11£10.00Hey Dom. Good luck - hope you don't get too saddle sore!! Remember... "It's just a walk in the park" (as Mother Goose said to Maverick!). Hope you and the family are all good and hope to see you soon.
Dean Kendall16/08/11£20.00Good luck mate! Would you like some of George's nappy cream for the inevitable saddle rash?
Total donated online: £1,280.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £320.00
Dominic's DIFC London to Brighton Cycle 2011

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