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EISBrighton's London to Brighton Cycle 2016

Delphine Trusler, Jo Conway, Laura Kember, Rafael Masa, Charlie Randall, Ian Gilchrist, Kevin O'connor, Nikki Thomas, Danielle Morphew, Chloe Booth, Jo Miles, Roger Pink, Brett Warrener, Matthew Harfield, Hugh Howden, Dan Adam, , Sam Ferris
Delphine Trusler has raised 190% of the target
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As part of our on-going commitment to Forward Facing we have decided to take part in the London to Brighton bike ride challenge. This is a 54 mile challenge including a 1 mile hill climb with a 45% incline.

We are doing this to help children with long term or life limiting conditions and provide support to their families, as well as local people who are disadvantaged in other ways.

So please help us to raise as much money as possible.

The Team at Enterprise International Sales Brighton

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
June & Dave Rush (via LJ)11/10/16£20.00Well done Sam. Love June & Dave x
aurore27/09/16£20.00BRAVO A TOUS !! very courageous..Special dedicace à Danielle! bisous à tous
Nicola Capacci21/09/16£10.00Well Done Hugh and team
Teresa Stevens18/09/16£5.00 Jo Miles you are awesome xxx
Gillian16/09/16£20.00Well Done Chloe!
Andy Bailey12/09/16£27.00Well done Jojo, here's your 50p per mile. Lots of love mum and dad x
Peter Miles12/09/16£20.00Jo Miles, Now don't go thinking I'm only doing this today because I didn't believe you could pedal that far... I forgot. Honest! :)
howden hugh12/09/16£30.00Well done to you all for completing the challenge. You did a great job. Chrissie, Ralph, Wills, Jess and Rosebud!
Steve, Sarah, Molly & Mack12/09/16£20.00Sorry we're late - hope it went well yesterday!
The Birches11/09/16£20.00Good luck Charlie!
Estefanía11/09/16£10.00You rock Rafa!!! Eres muy grande, sabía que lo conseguiriás. La cause merece mucho la pena!!
Jane Leclercq11/09/16£20.00Good luck today Lovely Delphine. You are marvellous.xx
james welfare11/09/16£20.00Go Brett you can do it you can run a 50 mile ultra with me next year.
Lindsey Mc11/09/16£10.00Good luck Brett & Co xx
Ross11/09/16£10.00Hope was fun, well done Chloe
Louise Reay11/09/16£10.00Was thinking of you Jo Miles, hope it all went well. Congrats to you and the team! Xxx
Clive Randall10/09/16£20.00 
Natalie, Andy, Aoife & Isobel10/09/16£20.00Good luck from us all. Xxx
Dom Partridge10/09/16£10.00Good luck Jo, you go girl !!
Jules10/09/16£20.00So proud of you Danielle, good luck!
Charlotte & matt 09/09/16£20.00Good luck Chloe! Spin those wheels Sunday X
Ollie & family09/09/16£50.00GO RANDY!
Agnes 09/09/16£5.00Good Luck Rafa! Keep pedalling, guapo xxx
Pauline Atkinson09/09/16£10.00Good luck Chloe - x
Michelle Peck08/09/16£5.00Good luck to you all
Laura Orton08/09/16£10.00Good luck to all of you! Know you'll do great!! Go Laura K go!!! Xx
OMD UK08/09/16£100.00Best of luck Charlie! I know your team will rock it and I hope everyone will make it safely through the finish line. Your OMD team :)
Sarah & David08/09/16£20.00Best of luck Jo - peddle hard and stay upright (at least until you finish)!
The Howe's08/09/16£10.00Good luck Roger, remember to wear your padded shorts!
Julie Humphrey08/09/16£10.00Good luck everyone, hope your legs are ok on Monday xx
Virginia 08/09/16£5.00Animo Rafa!! buena suerte!!
Simon Box08/09/16£13.00Good luck all!
Katie Hudson08/09/16£20.00What a great event and achievement!! Good luck Laura you will be fabulous!!!! Xxx
Pauline Eagle07/09/16£20.00Good Luck Jo Miles, you can do it ! Happy pedalling & looking forward to hearing all about it.
nicola comrie07/09/16£10.00Go Jojo - you are wonder woman to us!! Love Bonbon, archie, charlie, kipp and Waggie Aggie x
Kieron & Lara Woodland07/09/16£10.00Hope it goes well Jo (Miles) love Lara x
Dukey07/09/16£25.00Good luck Danielle! xx
Patty and Kenny07/09/16£20.00Keep on pedalling JoJo
Carrie Bowsher07/09/16£10.00Good Luck Laura Kember :-)
Michael07/09/16£10.00Good luck Rafa...tqm to the moon and back.
Home 07/09/16£20.00Good Luck Jo! Love from Clive, Nicky, Phoebe & Chloe. XX
SammyK07/09/16£5.00Good luck Laura K, you will smash it!
Mum,dad and family06/09/16£60.00Good luck Laura
 06/09/16£20.00Good luck Laura K! Hope you enjoy it!!!
Jerry Mosiello06/09/16£100.00Good Luck!
Pip06/09/16£10.00Good luck! x
Bradley Pink06/09/16£5.00Good luck Dad x
Mandy Pink06/09/16£20.00Good luck Rog xx
Enrique Tome06/09/16£100.00Good luck guys!
Becky06/09/16£10.00Good luck guys! Pump those legs!
Stefano Biondi06/09/16£50.00Amazing!! Watch out for "The Finisher" aka Ditchling Beacon, the mountain on the approach into Brighton...
Alex Wilson06/09/16£30.00Good luck everyone...
The Ex06/09/16£50.00Good luck dear! Tally Ho!
Mel 06/09/16£10.00 Jo, Good luck Sis!
Jean Meade06/09/16£20.00Good luck Jo love from the Meades
Gilly Bailey06/09/16£20.00 Good luck Jo love Mum !
Elliot06/09/16£10.00Good luck Mr H, rather you than me!
Nikki Thomas06/09/16£310.00For Nikki & Danielle
Nikki Thomas06/09/16£20.00For Nikki & Danielle
Jane & Mike Booth 06/09/16£20.00Good luck Chlo xxx
Libby Sexton06/09/16£20.00Well done Roger and team - enjoy it. Love Mum and jJohn x
Radka05/09/16£20.00Good luck guys! Enjoy it!
Omar Marchi05/09/16£250.00Good Luck guys!! Thank you for all you do and always keep biking!!
Phil Eaton05/09/16£150.00Wish I could be there with you guys, good luck and thank you for your commitment to a great cause
Megan05/09/16£10.00Good Luck Everyone. You guys are going to rock this
Liana05/09/16£20.00Good luck guys!! All the hours of training will be worth it!
Kate05/09/16£20.00Good luck Ian xx
Cyan Hyde05/09/16£10.00Good Luck Guys! Wishing you a great day!
ADAM M05/09/16£50.00Good lucky Team Brighton and save those legs for the South Downs Hill climb at the end!
Tamsin Moyle04/09/16£20.00Good luck Delph and team!
Clare B02/09/16£10.00Good luck guys!!
Mum & Dad02/09/16£50.00Good Luck Ian
 02/09/16£20.00Good luck Matthew!!!
Janet Turner02/09/16£10.00Good luck Brett x
Joanne MC CD Europe01/09/16£5.00Go Rafa!!! Go Danielle!! Go Team!!!!
Tony & Lauren01/09/16£10.00Good luck Hugh and team!
Tony & Lauren01/09/16£20.00Good luck Hugh & team!
Michail Mavrovitis 01/09/16£25.00Good Luck Hugh
Emily Mann01/09/16£50.00Good Luck from all at DGH Recruitment
Bazza01/09/16£5.00This reminds me of that one time at band camp...
Alan, Shirley & Leanne31/08/16£20.00Good Luck xx
michael pattison31/08/16£7.00good luck
 31/08/16£30.00Good luck Ian!
Sarah Otley31/08/16£20.00Best of luck Jo and Co. ????
Carl Denyer31/08/16£20.00Good luck to everyone on the London to Brighton Bike Ride, I'm sure you're all going to smash it!
Liz Z31/08/16£20.00Such a big challenge, so in awe of you all - good luck!!
Liz Pettitt31/08/16£10.00Good Luck Guys!! x
Hayley 31/08/16£20.00Good Luck Everyone! See you on the finish line! :)
kathryn munro30/08/16£100.00Best of luck to Hugh and colleagues... amazing journey and challenge. Have fun and enjoy... good luck from al at Canadian Affair
Flexible Autos30/08/16£100.00Good luck guys feel the burn!
Rachel worsley30/08/16£10.00Good luck darling delphine.we are very proud of
Jo30/08/16£10.00Delphine, you are nuts. Lots of luck darling.x
HANNAH30/08/16£20.00Good luck guys
Nick Dawson30/08/16£20.00Good Luck you guys! See you at the TOP of Ditchling Beacon! You're all superstars! x
Mum, Dad, Dave, Nikki & Oli29/08/16£30.00Good luck Brett x
Stuart Crowder25/08/16£30.00Go EISBrighton... You are all brilliant! You are sent lots of love from Oklahoma. Best wishes and good luck from Grace Walker's Uncle Stuart, Auntie Tracey and cousins Ted and Joe xxx
Ian C23/08/16£20.00Good luck mate!
James Peskett23/08/16£20.00Good Luck Brett Froome...I mean Warrener (You have told them that you cycle professionally right????)
LJ & Niamh21/08/16£20.00Good luck Daddy! And have fun! :-) xx
Graham18/08/16£50.00The first 42.75 miles are worst, then it's all down hill ;)
stephen and sara17/08/16£20.00Good luck Laura K x
Jayne Webb16/08/16£25.00Good luck Laura
Judy & Lu Mendoza11/08/16£25.00Good Luck Chloe x
Charlotte Pink11/08/16£5.00Good Luck! x
Frank Travaini Wisecars.com10/08/16£20.00Good luck guys! Have plenty of fun from the team at
Lorraine Rush09/08/16£10.00Good Luck Sam!
Jim Ferris09/08/16£54.00Sam good luck - enjoy every mile
Mum !09/08/16£20.00Guess its Lycra for your birthday then! x
Luke Reilly08/08/16£10.00Well done Crowy!
james davis08/08/16£20.00Well.done chloe
Emily08/08/16£10.00Well done Chloe! Amazing! X
Lady Morgarna05/08/16£20.00Rafa Masa let me know if you need a personal massage after, good luck xx
Scott04/08/16£10.00Go Chloe! Best of luck!
Lee Nicklen04/08/16£10.00Good on you, you lot! X
Vedette04/08/16£5.00Well done Booth...I'm impressed!Xx
Karen Clarke03/08/16£10.00Proud of you lovely Delphy ! It will be tough so Good Luck ?? xxx??
Mark Nicklen03/08/16£30.00Well done Chlo and all the team, great cause.
Sarah Cox03/08/16£20.00Don't forget the padded shorts!
Vic Q03/08/16£10.00Go for it girl, good luck!!x
Jo Ferris30/07/16£20.00Way to go little brother, get your arse in gear :) xx
Ross trigwell24/07/16£5.00Good luck Chloe!
Stuart Nicklen16/07/16£25.00Very best of luck Chloe and all your colleagues.
Lucy Ford15/07/16£20.00Good Luck Jo!!
Nathalie Benham10/07/16£20.00Good luck Jo, from Nathalie and Marcus
Justin_TTG07/07/16£20.00Good luck Jo!
rhc07/07/16£20.00Good luck Jo and the rest of the team!
BARRY06/07/16£100.00Full of admiration... have fun
Sally06/07/16£20.00Go Team Enterprise - make sure to stick some bubble wrap on those saddles!
Hannah H06/07/16£20.00Good luck guys. Amazing cause.
Karen h04/07/16£10.00Nikki t / raffle tickets ! Good luck
Arun Office01/07/16£50.00Good Luck. hope the weather is kind!
leo28/06/16£10.00Good Luck!!!!!!!
Shani27/06/16£10.00Nikki T- raffle tickets. Enjoy the ride!
Total donated online: £3,721.00
Amount raised offline: £100.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £626.75
EISBrighton's London to Brighton Cycle 2016

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