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Securing environmental justice for the world’s poorest communities is a real challenge and we need all the help we can get. Supporting the Environmental Justice Foundation is about helping to tackle the root cause of environmental problems and empowering the people in developing countries who suffer most from environmental abuses to find peaceful ways of preventing them. “Do It For Charity has some great events you can get involved in to support EJF – check them out below.”

Emily's London to Paris Cycle September 2011

Emily Pearce has raised 100% of the target
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Please sponsor me now!

I'm going to be cycleing from London to Paris in September to raise money for the Environmental Justice Foundation; a charity whose focus is to empower people who suffer most from environmental abuses to find peaceful ways of preventing them.

Donating through this site is simple.

My charity will receive your money quickly and easily and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you. 

By sponsoring me you'll be doing a lot of good, and will have the added datisfaction of knowing I'll be in a lot of pain!

Many thanks for your support,

Emily Pearce

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Marcus and Sarah27/09/11£20.00 
Craig and Tristan27/09/11£10.00 
Julia 11/09/11£10.00GOOD LUCK EMILY!!! Keep those legs pedaling all the way to Paris and remember the amazing work you are supporting :)
Rachie Hobbles09/09/11£5.00Love you more than life itself Miss Pearce! Good luck lover, I'm proud of u :)
Dodders and La Roux07/09/11£20.00Good luck Florence! xxx
Joey07/09/11£15.00YOU CAN DO IT!!!
Stef05/09/11£15.00Best of luck Em!! Fabulous cause and I know you will kick butt!! Marathon next?? ;)
Denis01/09/11£20.00I demand that you cycle round and round the ferry on the trip over.
Emma17/08/11£18.00Final push Ems!! Good luck this weekend xx
Claire16/08/11£10.00Good luck Emily! x
Alessy02/08/11£20.00Bonne chance mon ami!
Alessy02/08/11£20.00Bonne chance mon amis!
Karen12/07/11£10.00Good luck on your adventure!
Kez23/06/11£10.00Good Luck EM xxx
Alice 22/06/11£20.00Go Emily Go!!! So nearly there with sponsorship, now we just have to get our cycling legs on!!! xxxx
Bec & Dan22/06/11£10.00Goooooooo emmmmms! Good luck lady!
Dani22/06/11£20.00Good Luck!!
Sophia22/06/11£5.00sorry i can't afford any more
Peter M22/06/11£200.00Emily, just make sure you have done a little practice, it will make all the difference Good cause well done Peter M & Family
Sian and maggie 21/06/11£5.00Good luck em! X
Sam Pearce21/06/11£20.00Can't believe my hard earned cash is going on this...
Cris and David21/06/11£25.00Good luck!
anonymous21/06/11£20.00Very good luck, Rob, Sarah and especially Tom!
Mormor21/06/11£50.00Lycka till!
Cecilia Hz21/06/11£20.00Good luck!
Nigel, Carol, Kate & Bex20/06/11£50.00Good Luck - Do you have to swim the bit in the middle too?
Dad20/06/11£50.00On yer bike!
Deb and Mark20/06/11£50.00You go girl!
Cecilia20/06/11£100.00Good luck Em! Hope you reach your target
Latifa, Chloe, Ivi and Livia20/06/11£35.00Hope you make it to the finish of luck x
Sharon20/06/11£20.00Good luck Em! Wish I could be in Paris to toast your arrival! x
jonno20/06/11£10.00finally got round to it, here you are spanglypants
Emma17/06/11£10.00Better buy a bike soon!
Tina17/06/11£20.00Well done Em... and the very best of luck
Kate Forshaw16/06/11£20.00just one gear on my fixie bike...
Rachel16/06/11£50.00Good Luck Em! This is a brill thing to do! Love you! x
Chris Burton12/06/11£20.00Good luck Em, make sure you have some scrumpy in your water bottle in case the going gets tough ! X
Kurt Arr01/06/11£15.00Good Luck Spliketts you cycling machine!! XX
Richard30/05/11£10.00Not sure why I should be sponsoring you to take a holiday in Paris but good luck all the same! x
James Sharp16/05/11£20.00Best of luck my wee one!! xx
Naomi Bishop13/05/11£20.00Blimey Em, good luck - your parents will want to wine and dine you at Maxims when you get there i expect :)
John Pettersen12/05/11£20.00Good luck Emily
Anne12/05/11£20.00Best of luck Em! I'm sure you can do this, not so sure about your bike though :-)
Alasdair12/05/11£20.00Keep up the good work Em, you can come and speak to my companies and tell us how we can costs and go green at the same time.
The Space Saxon11/05/11£10.00 
Dawn11/05/11£2.00Hey Emily! This sounds hard! I did it clinging on to the back of a motorbike last weekend..its a looong way! Good luck and well done! Xx
Claire and Colin11/05/11£50.00The very best of luck Emily.We'll be raising a pint to you on the day.You're totally mad doing this but we admire you for doing so.Lots of love,Claire and Colin XXX
Grace Forty01/04/11£20.00You're insane. I love it!
Ilaria Pasquinelli31/03/11£20.00Emily is a great person and a promising star of ethical fashion. Thanks fro your initiative Emily!
Total donated online: £1,420.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £355.00
Emily's London to Paris Cycle September 2011

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