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Emma's Tandem Skydive

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The Elizabeth Loury Ward at Southend Hospital is a 22 bed ward that specialises in oncology, haematology and palliative care, it has a special place in my heart. 15 years ago next year my brother Paul and I lost our darling Mum to cancer.

People raise money all of the time for research into medical advances into fighting cancer as I have done many times in the past. 

To mark 15 years I wanted to change the focus, while all of the time doctors, nurses and scientists are helping the fight against cancer, most of the time families are just trying to keep their chins up. 

Trying to take each day as it comes and to find a little ray of light in their darkest moments. Trying to smile when tears threaten, trying to keep hope sometimes even when there is so little.

The experience Paul and I had on the ward was one of comfort, if it is possible I would say that one of the saddest parts of the hospital actually is also one of the nicest. There is an atmosphere there that words cannot describe, one of peace and of love and support.

It's the ability of the staff to help to achieve a little bit of normality in what is an upside world. I understand the facilities for patients and their families have come a long way in the last 15 years. But there is always room for something more, to enhance the day room, to give more resource to helping those who are grieving and struggling to cope with the enormity of what lies ahead. To making what is a beautiful place even more special. To help families make more memories, some of which while bittersweet may be the last they have.

2018 also would be our Mum's 70th birthday (3 days after this jump), so I can think of no better way to mark her birthday and raise funds for a worthy cause at the same time than to throw myself out of a perfectly good airplane strapped to another person!

Please can I ask you to dig deep and help raise funds for this cause, any amount you can spare would be so gratefully received.

Elizabeth Loury Ward will receive your money quickly and easily and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Thank you so much from myself and my brother,

Emma xx

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Paul Silas05/04/18£5.00Well done.
Carl03/04/18£10.00Brilliant Emma, love the video!
Mark Haase03/04/18£40.00I thought I'd wait as I didn't want to double up on funeral costs. Well done!
Lauren mcbride31/03/18£10.00Well done Emma you smashed it
Nichola mcbride30/03/18£10.00Well done Emma x
Sandra and Megan Bailey30/03/18£10.00Well done Emma, sorry it’s a bit late! Great effort x
Pete26/03/18£10.00Well done em xx
Mr Martin Ward26/03/18£100.00Well done Emma Martin, Sharon, Oscar and all the family x
Ali & Steve 25/03/18£10.00Well done pet - that is brilliant ?? xxx
Karen Galois25/03/18£10.00Just "don't fucking let go" of your chute!!
Andrew Coppack24/03/18£10.00Good Luck
Neil Dennehy23/03/18£20.00Fly like a Bird for your Mum Emma
Peter Harrison23/03/18£10.00Enjoy...
Dan and Charlie22/03/18£100.00Go fly little birdie
Craig Syrett20/03/18£20.00Good Luck Emma
Peter Hassall19/03/18£20.00Good Luck Emma!!
Clare clare19/03/18£10.00Go for it Girl!! Good luck xx
steve somers16/03/18£10.00Good Luck xx
Shauna16/03/18£10.00Good luck xxx
Sam15/03/18£20.00Incredibly proud of you for doing this. Good luck!
Amy Scarrott14/03/18£20.00Emma you are so brave and what an amazing thing to push yourself to do. Feel proud of you and I hope you find it one of the best things you have ever done. Lovely cause and happy to support you ??
Lisa Andrews14/03/18£20.00You go girl! Good luck. Xx
Julia Mitchell 13/03/18£10.00Good Luck!!!
Reece13/03/18£20.00Good luck Em. Your mad but it's for a great cause. x
Simon O'Neil05/03/18£10.00Good luck Em!!!
Ian Gibbs02/03/18£115.00Hope this helps with what you want to achieve. Couldn't be more proud of you. Stay safe, love you Dad and Tracy.
Liz Burch 24/02/18£20.00My dear Emma you are like a 2nd daughter to me you are so kind and supporting your mum would be so proud darling . Be safe thinking of you and your mum . Lots of love xxx
Joe Heales23/02/18£20.00A Great cause! Good luck Emma!
Sophie Hatch22/02/18£10.00You'll love it and even better its for a fantastic cause xx
Lisa Jones16/02/18£5.00Good Luck Honey! xx
James Osmond16/02/18£20.00Good for you. (And don't look down!)
Michael Wheatley16/02/18£20.00Good Luck. xxx
Neil Benbow16/02/18£20.00Great Work and Good Luck
Joanne Burch 15/02/18£20.00Emma you are a true inspiration to myself and others, your mum would be so proud . Love you lots xxxx
Sandra Gill 15/02/18£20.00Good luck Emma. Your mum would be so proud of you. X
Richard Nichols13/02/18£20.00Don't forget to pull the cord!
Phil Hatch07/02/18£50.00Good Luck!! A fantastic cause worth supporting !
Lydia and Andrew Turff06/02/18£10.00 
Sarah Hammond06/02/18£20.00Good Luck Em! You mad women lol xxx
Emma Lockett06/02/18£20.00Good luck and enjoy xx
Caroline Smith04/02/18£5.00Good luck!
Joe Scotland04/02/18£20.00Good luck gorgeous
Ashley gray 02/02/18£5.00Good luck x
Simon Clegg01/02/18£10.00Good luck Em!
Mia & Steve 01/02/18£20.00Great cause.x.but why jump out of a perfectly normal aeroplane !!! Bonkers.
Zia 31/01/18£10.00Good luck Emma
Jane Greves31/01/18£20.00You are truly inspirational Emma. I'm sure your mum would have been really proud of you
Jeremy&Linda31/01/18£20.00Can't wait for the story/pictures! The C Word takes too many loved ones in this world. Well done Emma ! YEEAAAH!
Hayley30/01/18£10.00Good luck! Hope you enjoy it! :) x
Amy30/01/18£10.00Go get um girl!! xxxxx
Sue30/01/18£20.00Good luck Emma x
Tom W29/01/18£20.00Great cause and as you know I can highly recommend it! Have fun and enjoy!
Basil29/01/18£15.00Good luck Emma - safe flight down xx
Rob28/01/18£50.00Your a crazy bird, but you’re my crazy bird ?? it’s a wonderful thing you’re doing darling, see you on the ground xxx
Zara Harper25/01/18£50.00I'm so proud of you for doing this Hun and your mum would be even prouder. Your amazing. Good luck you Nutter x
NATALIE MCGREGOR25/01/18£10.00This is an amazing thing you are doing! Congratulations on raising so much already. Enjoy the experience! All the very best! Nats xx
Nicole24/01/18£10.00Go Emma, Go...!!!
Gill Webb24/01/18£10.00Wow what an amazing thing to do in memory of your mum, you are one very brave lady and your mum would have been so proud of you - Go Emma x
Vicki Kitchen23/01/18£5.00Good Luck Em! x
Nathan Zographos23/01/18£20.00 
nicola walton23/01/18£5.00good luck but your still mad !!!!!! xxxxx LOL
Adam Casey23/01/18£20.00Good luck
Suzanne Floodgate23/01/18£5.00Very brave Emma, well done
Maria King23/01/18£5.00Good luck Hun, you’re a braver woman than me! I hope you are well xx
Alistair & Sue 22/01/18£20.00Very best wishes you brave girl! What a wonderful thing to do...enjoy xx
Dave Mounsey17/01/18£10.00Good Luck Em! x
Abi Thorley17/01/18£5.00Good Luck Emma! Enjoy the views on the way down! xxx
Stephanie Brown 16/01/18£5.00Make sure you take in them views on the way down :) I'm sure your Mum will be smiling down on you x
Paddy15/01/18£10.00Good luck, for a great cause x
Zoe Sanderson15/01/18£5.00Go Emma, you brave lady! Such a worthy cause!! Hope you raise lots of pennies and have an amazing day! xxx
Dan Lister15/01/18£10.00Nice one Em, PS Get someone else to check your parachute haha....Dan xxx
RUSSELL BARNARD15/01/18£5.00Good Luck Emma. Keep your eyes open and enjoy!
Lisa Cagna15/01/18£5.00Good luck em :) xxx
JP10/01/18£20.00Good luck Emma xx
Matthew Scotchmer 10/01/18£5.00Good Luck Emma! Let me know how it goes!!x
Marlon Soman09/01/18£20.00 i Wish you the best Emma
Jennifer Marley09/01/18£20.00Good Luck Em xx
Lewis Dobson - Amazon 09/01/18£10.00Good luck!!!
Mezan Choudhury08/01/18£20.00Good luck Emma with this and try to share the pictures and any videos. This is such a worthy cause, I hope you meet and exceed your target.
Barry Johnson08/01/18£5.00Good luck Emma!!!
Darrell Pope08/01/18£5.00Hi Emma good luck to you with the sky dive. I lost my mum to lung cancer she was only 45 at the time, I was 22 so i know what it feels like to lose someone to this terrible disease. Regards Darrell
Julie Allen 07/01/18£5.00Xxx
Vicky14/12/17£10.00Good luck Em and Paul, your mum would be so proud xx
Kate13/12/17£20.00You’re amazing! I’m sure your Mum would be so proud of you xxxxxx
Total donated online: £1,535.00
Amount raised offline: £10.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £283.75
Emma's Tandem Skydive

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