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War Child is a small international charity that protects children from the brutal effects of war. We currently work in Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq and Uganda. We're on the ground supporting the most vulnerable children that are too often forgotten. These include former child soldiers, children living on the streets, children put in prison and girls at risk of rape or violence.

Hazel's DoItForCharity 5km Santa Run 2010

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War Child is a UN award-winning child protection agency with 15 years of experience working with the most severely marginalised children in the world - child soldiers, children in prison and children who live and work on the streets in insecure environments.

War Child’s mission is to support and strengthen the protective environment for children who, as a result of conflict, live with a combination of insecurity, poverty and exclusion.

Here is war childs Facebook page and Twitter feed

War Child's website

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Hazel's DoItForCharity 5km Santa Run 2010

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