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Pan Intercultural Arts is a life-changing London-based arts charity. We provided innovative, creative activities for vulnerable young people to help them overcome trauma, disadvantage and exclusion, helping them to grow in confidence and find pathways to better futures. Our programmes are engaging, culturally rich and diverse. Please find our more at:

Mel's Cycling from London to Brighton

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I did it!!! I cycled on from London to Brighton on Sunday. It took me almost 9 hours and I fell off my bike twice! But I made it, which was mostly down to my dear Pan friends and colleagues being encouraging and wonderful, and because of the volume of kind texts and messages wishing me well. 

The hardest part is done. Now, with YOUR help, we can raise some money for a vital cause. 

Thanks friends! Xx

Dear friends and family,  

I'm cycling from London to Brighton for Pan Intercultural Arts on Sunday 11th September!  

I know. I can barely believe it myself. You all know I don't do exercise. You also all know I don't own a bike (it's 6.39pm on Tuesday 23rd August)... yet. 

So, what possible motivation could I have for: 

1. Buying a bike

2. Cycling every weekend and some evenings, between the purchase of said bike and Sunday 11th September 

3. And then actually cycling for hours and hours on the day itself? 

Good question. Great question. 

My motivation is Pan. It's the projects and programmes, the groups and young people themselves.

Pan Intercultural Arts empowers young people to unlock their potential. 

It does so by developing, designing and delivering creative arts projects that: 

-- Increase self-expression and confidence

-- Raise aspiration and inspire

-- Create community and foster integration

-- Give a platform to frequently unheard voices. 

Projects and programmes cost money. 

And here's where I'd like to help. Hopefully I, and the other wonderful cyclists, will raise money to contribute to project costs.  

I've set a high fundraising target because, well, if I'm going to cycle for 6 - 8 hours it had better be worth it! 

Please sponsor my cycle, and share the page with friends. 

I will be forever grateful (you will be showered with hugs) and you'll be able to see the benefits of your donation through our project updates and news: 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, AND A MASSIVE THANK YOU IF YOU SPONSORED ME! 

Mel x 


This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Linda Odezugo23/09/16£20.00Well done Mel! Very proud of you. X
Rayhaneh23/09/16£20.00So proud of you truly are amazing!! Well Done
heather 13/09/16£50.00Well Done Mel - fantastic
Schman12/09/16£25.00Smel, you absolute legend! So much love and appreciation for everything you bring to this world! xxxx
Anya11/09/16£20.00Good luck Mel!! x
Sam Moloney10/09/16£20.00Good luck Mel!! I'm very impressed xxx
John Martin10/09/16£10.00carrying you over the 300 muscles at the ready!
Josie 09/09/16£30.00My hero mel, stepping out of your comfort zone, super proud of you Girl! Your amazing! I hope you have enough adrenaline ;) and endurance to finsh xxx
Kirsty & Dave 08/09/16£20.00All the best of luck... So proud of
Gerald Lidstone08/09/16£50.00 
Fiona06/09/16£50.00Good luck Mel!
Sarah01/09/16£50.00Well done Mel so proud of you xxx
Clarey B30/08/16£10.00GO FOR IT MEL!!! And beware of leaves hahaha;p lots of love from the one doing it with you apparently? hahaha (sorry again about that!) xxx
Edel29/08/16£20.00Good Luck Mellie!!
Luna L29/08/16£20.00Chase those leaves!
Mel 28/08/16£10.00Testing, testing, 1,2,3!
Jo Lalor24/08/16£35.00Go Mel Go!
Total donated online: £460.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £115.00
Mel's Cycling from London to Brighton

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