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Shelter is a charity that works to alleviate the distress caused by homelessness and bad housing. We do this by giving advice, information and advocacy to people in housing need, and by campaigning for lasting political change to end the housing crisis for good.

Iceland Trek Shelter July 2017

Mark Hillary has raised 100% of the target
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Mark Hillary

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Andy and Tree - 3326/07/17£20.00Well done mark!
Roo15/07/17£5.00Well done. achieved.
Eve 15/07/17£56.00Well done pops
Ann and Mary13/07/17£30.00Well done Mark. Great charity
Jessica13/07/17£50.00Well done for doing this Mark. Hope it is going well Love Jessica and family
Charlotte dunkley13/07/17£20.00Good luck Mark, love Charlotte and Nick
Tuntum HA11/07/17£100.00Good luck Martin
Adam 10/07/17£30.00for the Garden Table
L Lloyd06/07/17£20.00Best of luck, Mark !
Pete05/07/17£50.00If you can conquer Black Hill, you can trek Iceland! Enjoy!
Michelle and Jeff30/06/17£30.00Good luck Mark. Great cause.
Mike M29/06/17£25.00Enjoy Mark and good luck
Andy & Jane29/06/17£20.00from the party
Peter Benbow29/06/17£20.00Good luck from all at number 31! From Pete, Kate, Tom and Sam.
Jane & Phill29/06/17£50.00Fantastic that you're taking on this challenge. Congratulations!
F and F25/06/17£10.00 
Dom & Denise25/06/17£10.00 
Sally25/06/17£5.00Sally at the party
Janet25/06/17£5.00Janet at the party
Paul & Penny25/06/17£50.00 
Lucy Nicholson25/06/17£15.00Thanks for a lovely evening. Good luck Mark, from the Nicholson family.
Julie and Dave25/06/17£50.00Thanks for the lovely evening, watch out for the geysers!
Lynn and Ian24/06/17£30.00Good luck Mark
Rex & Julie Littlewood24/06/17£50.00Best of luck Mark. Hope all goes well. Watch out for the Elf's.
Paul and Anne Jacobs24/06/17£20.00Good luck Mark sorry we did not make your evening
Jeremy and Carol24/06/17£51.00Go Mark!
AVACE Performance Coatings Tony C.23/06/17£50.00Oyston Out!
Martin Hillary 18/06/17£118.00May all go well-Love from Martin/Dayasara
MH14/06/17£17.90More Nat West Rewards and sale of the bedside table!
Lady Bay Safari Sale 11/06/17£93.00Thanks to Celeste for organising the event
Mark Hillary03/06/17£18.79Nat West Rewards for charity
Sarah19/04/17£50.00I Car not believe you are doing this
Chris & Jane 15/04/17£80.00Tent carpet and camp-let cover
HNMLtd13/04/17£100.00From HNMLtd
Paul 13/04/17£15.00for the Wardrobe
Andy 05/04/17£15.00for the Easel
Holme Lode Raffle - Brodie03/04/17£32.00From MH Amazing, thank you so much!
Phil D31/03/17£20.00Wishing you good health and best of luck for this venture
Craig Brown24/03/17£20.00Good luck Mark. Enjoy Iceland- bring us back a prawn ring!
NAT WEST Rewards24/03/17£83.61Didn't earn these so donating them
David Pickering24/03/17£20.00Good luck Mark, Davepick
John & Hazel20/03/17£50.00Glad to support you and glad to support Shelter. Good luck Mark.
John Miles16/03/17£50.00Good luck Mark! Sorry I can't make your party, but no doubt the Viking clapping will become a Youtube hit!
Marilyn06/03/17£50.00Good luck Mark
W & G20/02/17£50.00They would have been very proud.
Peter Reynolds16/02/17£20.00Not sure you'll get a decent pint over there, but have fun regardless!
Karen McGuinness13/02/17£20.00Have fun and stay of the Brennivín until afterwards
Oliver @ LBL Skills01/02/17£100.00All the best Mark
Sue Marriott , Kate & Gemma24/01/17£50.00Thanks for the donation and cash for the bike and the pan.
Trevor03/01/17£100.00Best of luck
Anne Stephens02/01/17£50.00Good luck
Richard Lloyd Morgan01/01/17£50.00Congratulations, Mark - that's mighty impressive!
Sally Walker20/12/16£40.00Great stuff Mark, hope you can enjoy it
rob sissons 18/12/16£20.00Mark Wow! Good luck with that sounds "fun!"x Rob Sally Ellie Anna
Meg17/12/16£20.00Good luck and merry Christmas! Xxx
David Reffell13/12/16£35.00Hi Mark Good Luck David
Roo 10/12/16£50.00Proud xxx
Ann Warner09/12/16£20.00 
Matt K07/12/16£20.00Good luck!
Mark Hillary07/12/16£20.00From HNMLtd
Lewis bowman07/12/16£20.00:)
Freya07/12/16£15.00Good luck dad!
Total donated online: £2,405.30
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £452.08
Iceland Trek Shelter July 2017

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