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Francis House provides a home from home where families can receive professional care, support and friendship. Who can come to Francis House? Francis House is open to all families who: • Have children diagnosed as having a life threatening or life limiting condition • Are under sixteen years of age on referral Care is given free of charge and regardless of faith or cultural background.

Southway Housing - Ben Nevis Challenge 2013

Dianne Graham, Caron Williams, Dennis Wellington, Derek Whitworth, Gary Lang, Joshua Steiner, Karen Mitchell, Lynsey Grundy, Tom Wilde, Gavin Brotherston, Steve Percival, Pauline Terry, Jane Gant, Becci Bagnall
Dianne Graham has raised 130% of the target
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This fundraising page is currently closed awaiting charity setup and verification.
My online donors:
John Gallagher27/11/13£25.00Well done to everyone
D Wellington28/10/13£150.00Thanks to Buildbase for a very generous donation.
Irene28/10/13£10.00Well done Gavin.
Tom Wilde20/10/13£20.00Thanks very much Jean and Gill
Louise Ritchie09/10/13£10.00GOOOOOOOO TOOOOMMMMMM!!!! Love Lou! x
Georgie Betts07/10/13£10.00Well done guys!!!! Love Georgie & Mike xxx
Alex and Helen06/10/13£20.00Nice one Wildabeast, congratulations and thank you Brighton for the 3 points
Jane Craven06/10/13£20.00Everest next?! Well done!
Rachel Quinn04/10/13£10.00Good luck Tom, hope it goes well you absolute mentalist! Rach x x x
Lynne04/10/13£20.00Good luck all - keep up with Di and you are doing well !!!
Christina Barnett, Ralph Reynolds04/10/13£40.00This is for an extremely good cause. Good luck to you Gav and your Team.xx
Pat Percival04/10/13£50.00Good luck Ste, love from Nanna
Colin & Marie Bagnall04/10/13£50.00Good luck from Mum and Dad. Go smash it! xx
Lynsey03/10/13£185.00Money from carboot
Matt Holt03/10/13£10.00Good Luck midget xxx
Mickela03/10/13£20.00Good luck on your walk/climb!
Rebecca Mersh01/10/13£20.00Best of luck!!
Walter Brotherston01/10/13£20.00Enjoy it Gavin
Justine Ashworth30/09/13£10.00Well done Dianne
Nick Crowe via Jane Gant29/09/13£10.00 
Maureen Ward28/09/13£123.00Funds raised at Tombola stall at Old Most Park Fun Day. Good look to you all. :-)
Maureen Ward28/09/13£50.00£50 donation from ice cream seller at Old Most Park Fun Day
Ted28/09/13£10.00Good luck all!
SUSAN V MERSH28/09/13£30.00Have a great day Jane. x
Catherine Bradylady27/09/13£10.00Break a leg and hobble up there! xx
Leanne Creasy27/09/13£10.00Good luck Tom! x
Mat Wilde27/09/13£15.00Good luck Tommo, rather you than me!
Tom Wilde27/09/13£10.00Break a leg Wilde thing! Lots of Love, Huizer x
Various27/09/13£346.00September cake sale / Donation from Grove Lane residents / Janes cake sale / Joy & Catherines cake sale / book auction / cake sale pens
Tom Wilde27/09/13£10.00Thanks Murgatroyd! Up the Bantams!
Gavin Brotherston27/09/13£10.001/2 of winnings from todays football card
Tim Whiting - Pozzoni LLP26/09/13£100.00We wish you the very best of luck with this fundraiser for a very worthy cause
Sara Jones26/09/13£25.00God luck OUR Jane x
Donna knowles25/09/13£10.00What a challenge) Good luck to you all x
Lola25/09/13£5.00Good luck Jane Gant!!!
Steve Percival24/09/13£70.00Remainder of personal contribution
Richard Skinner24/09/13£10.00Good luck to all
PLP Construction24/09/13£100.00Good luck!!
Stewart, Fay & Sammy23/09/13£25.00Best of luck Gav
Jo Thompson23/09/13£10.00Good luck Maffy
Sam G23/09/13£13.49Well done to you all and a fantastic effort in all your fund raising too
Col & Kathy22/09/13£10.00Good luck Di x
Lesley Hodges22/09/13£10.00Good Luck Dianne xxx
Gaynor20/09/13£10.00Good luck Di! xxx
Patrick Ross20/09/13£50.00Just sad I can't be there myself
Phil Bate19/09/13£20.00Hope all goes well!
Caron Williams19/09/13£30.00Remainder of personal contribution
Angela Hilton19/09/13£10.00Good Luck
Phil and Angie 18/09/13£20.00Good luck Lyns!
Josh18/09/13£7.50cake fine and cake
Alan Faulkner18/09/13£10.00Lost bet
Angie18/09/13£20.00Good Luck,great cause x
Claire Bond17/09/13£10.00A huge good luck to you...sure your Dad will be singing with you at the top!x
carla morris17/09/13£5.00Go Lynsey, your dad would be so proud, and the Candan Crew are proud too !!! xx
Joyce and Brian Cooley17/09/13£10.00Good luck Lynsey. X
Vickey Wallis17/09/13£20.00Good luck Lynsey x
Alan & Rhona17/09/13£100.00Gav - Hope practise run 20+ years ago helps !!!
Tom thornton16/09/13£50.00Good luck lynsey
cath atkins16/09/13£10.00enjoy it Di, good luck xx
Anne and Ren 16/09/13£10.00good luck lyns xxxxx
carol / mike 16/09/13£10.00good luck to you all and we know you can do it lynsey xx
Steve homer15/09/13£5.00Good luck;)
Jed Finnigan15/09/13£20.00YAY GO DI!!!
Lynsey Grundy13/09/13£200.00Funds from Lynsey's 40th Birthday party raffle
John Turner11/09/13£10.00Well done lynsey.
jeanette horrocks11/09/13£15.00Good luck Sis (Lynsey Grundy)
anne hannan stitt11/09/13£10.00Good luck xx
Kevin Hall11/09/13£10.00 
Beverley Richardson11/09/13£5.00 
Faye Davenport10/09/13£5.00Good Luck matey xxx
Catherine Lawson29/08/13£20.00good luck guys, you can do it!!!
Thomas Wellington27/08/13£10.00Dad...if you don't do it in less than an hour I want my money back :)
Tom Wilde27/08/13£15.00Cheers Dad and Maureen
Pauline Terry27/08/13£5.00Remainder of personal contribution
Tom Wilde23/08/13£5.00Cake
Various23/08/13£98.002 x August cake sales
Various22/08/13£39.00£3 Teresa Swindells / £5 Carla Prescott / £5 Gary Lang 15/07/13 cake penalty / £26 16/08/13 football card with sponsrship money from Garry Gibbons and Gillespie
Various22/08/13£24.00£10 lost and found + £14 Coast to Coast surplus
Football Card22/08/13£20.00Football card completed 09/08/13
Josh22/08/13£30.00£25 contribution + £5 cake fine
Caroline Lacey22/08/13£15.00Good Luck
Jane21/08/13£100.00my £100 contribution
Caron Williams21/08/13£40.00Part of personal contribution
Lynsey Grundy21/08/13£15.00Remainder of my personal contribution
Tom Hall21/08/13£10.00Come on wildey! The bay is counting on you bbz
Pat Percival20/08/13£100.00Good luck Steven, now get some practice in!!
Ruth T20/08/13£20.00Best Wishes to everyone
Southway Housing19/08/13£185.00Donation from the Manchester to Blackpool Cyclists to the Ben Nevis Fund.
Helen19/08/13£10.00Di - best of luck
Tom Wilde15/08/13£40.00Money raised for the sale of my mum's old mobile. Cheers ma! YOU REDS! x
Tom Wilde15/08/13£25.00Rest of my personal contribution
Caron Williams & Pauline Terry15/08/13£15.00£5 sponsorship from George Whelan to CW and £10 of personal contribution from PT
Dianne Graham14/08/13£20.00£20 sponsorship from Madhi Jama
Karen Mitchell09/08/13£150.00Balance of personal contribution plus some sponsorship
Pauline Terry & Lynsey Grundy08/08/13£40.00£20 -part of Lynsey Grundy's personal contribution & £20 Pauline Terry's t-shirt sale
Dan Sodergren and family 08/08/13£10.00Go Go Go Josh Go
James barlow07/08/13£20.00Great cause, hope the clouds stay high in the sky on the big day!
Kavita misra07/08/13£20.00Great cause... Best of luck !!
Various items07/08/13£555.00£285 Alan Faulkners Birthday Celebration Bucket Collection £40 Gary Lang sponsorship £125 Derek Whitworth sponsorship £85 July cake sale £20 Football card
Luke 31, weller01/08/13£10.00Why not wait till winter and you can ski down
Andrea Morgan25/07/13£20.00Good luck Dennis and the rest of the team xxxx
Pauline Terry24/07/13£10.00Part of my personal contribution
Zaal 23/07/13£10.00Take some Ben Nevis Mint Cakes!
Caroline S18/07/13£20.00Great cause, Josh - best of luck! xxxxx
Hillel Steiner17/07/13£50.00Good luck, guys! Look for me with a supply of free beer when you get to the top.
rupert17/07/13£10.00Good luck Josh & everyone else!
Josh S17/07/13£50.00 
Curry & Crumble05/07/13£185.00Proceeds of Curry and Crumble Day 04/07/13
Dress down day04/07/13£49.20Dress Down Day June
Dress Down Day03/07/13£66.56Dress Down Days
Cake Sale03/07/13£110.00Cake Sale + penalties 17/06/13
Lynsey Grundy24/06/13£20.00Part of my personal contribution
Jay Aldred18/06/13£75.00 
K Broadbent Carpet Contractors17/06/13£20.00Good Luck Guys !!!
£773.56 Birch Hire Scrap metal cheque 12/06/13£773.56£773.56 Birch Hire Scrap metal cheque
Gary Lang10/06/13£75.00Gary Lang - remainder of personal contribution
Dianne Graham06/06/13£21.00Football card 31/05/13
Karen Wellington31/05/13£20.00worth £20.00 to see how u walk the next day lol
Tom Wilde29/05/13£25.00Some of my contribution
BAAS Construction Limited28/05/13£100.00Good luck from all at BAAS Construction Limited, Burnley
Jim Duffy (wates Living Space)23/05/13£250.00Good Luck everyone, from all at Wates Living Space
Staff Festival & various20/05/13£559.14Cake sale, football card & STAFF FESTIVAL - raffle & auction
Pauline Terry16/05/13£30.00Part of my contribution
Derek Whitworth16/05/13£75.00Remainder of my contribution
Sarah Lowe15/05/13£10.00Good luck! And thanks for the tasty cakes!
DEL BOYOP09/05/13£10.00SHABBA
Cake & scarf sale / dress down day08/05/13£77.14Cake & scarf sale / dress down day
Paul and Lindsay07/05/13£40.00Good luck Gav !
Mobile phone donations26/04/13£36.00Mobile phone donations
Dianne's Big Sister22/04/13£100.00Cheaper than buying you dinner lol x
Lynsey Grundy16/04/13£20.00£20.00 towards personal contribution
Tom Wilde15/04/13£25.00Some of my contribution
Tom Wilde15/04/13£10.00From Alun Pugh, thanks Alun!
Bake sale/football cards/scarf sale15/04/13£244.71Bake sale/football cards/scarf sale
Catherine Morris 26/03/13£75.00My contribution.... Lets GO GO GO!
Dennis22/03/13£75.00Remainder of personal contribution
Customer sponsorship20/03/13£20.00£20.00 recieved from 9 Parbold Avenue
08 March 2013 - Football Card19/03/13£20.00£20.00 from football card at Aspen house
01 March 2013 - Football Card19/03/13£20.00£20.00 from football card at Aspen house
Pauline Terry deposit19/03/13£25.00Pauline Terry non-refundable deposit £25.00
Steve Percival deposit19/03/13£30.00SP non-refundable deposit of £30.00
Viola Lewis19/03/13£20.00Good Luck Dianne
Keith Taylor18/03/13£10.00Good luck Dianne
Maureen Ward15/03/13£25.00Well done to my 15 colleagues who are taking on this challenge for such a worthy cause.
Marie Evans15/03/13£10.00Good luck Dianne. X
Gaynor McCance14/03/13£10.00Good Luck Di! xxx
Faye Whitehead14/03/13£10.00Dianne - this payment is to appease my conscience for not inviting you to my wedding...!!
B Matthews14/03/13£10.00Good Luck with your project to turn Ben Nevis into children's housing ;)
Nilum13/03/13£50.00Brotherston - Oh can't wait to hear the moaning about 'dodgy knees' thereafter...ha ha ha! Good luck and wrap up warm...gets chilly at the top!
The Stag at Crosby, Carlisle13/03/13£20.00£20 from the football card - Sunday 10 March
Alun Pugh11/03/13£55.00Good Luck Team
Lai Chan05/03/13£5.00Good luck everyone..!!
Greg05/03/13£20.00The only way is up - Yazz
Julia Barnett28/02/13£50.00Good Luck to Gav and the rest of the team. P.S. Gav please don't fall of the edge, I want you to come back!
Will Brookes27/02/13£20.00Gavin. Please please please fall off the top.
Gavin Brotherston27/02/13£75.00Remainder of my contribution
Dianne Graham27/02/13£75.00Remainder of my contribution
Teddy Taylor27/02/13£5.00Go Dianne - your're wonderful and amazing..!!
Ann Evans27/02/13£20.00Go Southway!
Jenine Hutton26/02/13£10.00Good luck Lyndsy and team. Good work. Thanks for all you do.
Charlotte Dowling25/02/13£5.00Cannot believe you are going to do this (auntie lyns) good luck to you all!
Angie Allen25/02/13£10.00Good Luck x
Book Auction25/02/13£65.70Proceeds from book auction
Group deposits25/02/13£315.00£25 per head group contribution deposits
Mandy Doherty25/02/13£10.00Good luck you guys & I hope you raise lots of money!
Catherine Jean Duda23/02/13£5.00Good Luck Becci. (It's not that hard really :) )
Total donated online: £8,489.00
Amount raised offline: £675.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £1,949.77
Southway Housing - Ben Nevis Challenge 2013

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