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Crohn's and Colitis UK aims to improve life for everyone affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), the most common forms being Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Together these conditions affect about 300,000 people in the United Kingdom. The charity brings together people of all ages who have been diagnosed with IBD, their families and the health professionals involved in their care.

Tony's Tandem Skydive

Tony Mace, Alice Seymour
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On the 28th March 2015 I will be skydiving with my Niece, Alice Seymour to raise money for Crohns and Colitis UK, a charity that has helped her for the last 11 years.

When Alice was nine years old she was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, a disease that affects your digestive system. She has had many ups and downs since being diagnosed including multiple stays in hospital and a wide range of treatments. She has had treatments such as infusions, not been able to eat for up to 8 weeks at a time and now she is on a medication used for cancer patients.

Crohns and Colitis UK have been there to help Alice and her family when we needed it, and I would like to give something back to them and to other Crohns or Colitis sufferers. It is often hard for others to understand how this can affect people as it is often called the 'invisible disease' as you cannot see it from the outside. I want to raise this money and raise awareness about Crohns and Colitis so that others can understand her illness.

I would really appreciate your support. For those who know me, I'm petrified of heights but want to do this so much to help raise as much money as we can for such a worthy charity.

Tony Mace

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Karen & Martin Pike21/05/15£20.00Well Done! - Very good cause x
Tony Mace30/04/15£40.00Donations from Halps and Franka
Susan Lockley26/04/15£10.00Well done. Great achievement. Very jealous.
Bev23/04/15£10.00Well done Tony!
Paul Reader08/04/15£20.00well done Tony, sorry i'm late with this - but better late than never!!
Simon Prest31/03/15£25.00You should have done it by now Tony, so well done and hope you enjoyed it, but more importantly, you raised a big chunk of money for a great cause. :)
David Martin28/03/15£20.00You didn't need to do this!
Julie Taylor28/03/15£5.00Have crapped myself just thinking about this- good on you !
Rich & Annya27/03/15£20.00Hope it's a strong parachute sham!!love Richie
Steve Wells25/03/15£20.00Good luck mate. It'll take a big chute for you to land softly!
Andrew & Helen21/03/15£25.00Good luck Tony
Dean & Ellie. 19/03/15£20.00Good luck Macey. We'll bring some spare pants for you!
Anthony Temple19/03/15£20.00Good luck Tony, don't forget to pull the shute! Anthony
Mary Price19/03/15£30.00Good Luck Tony. Great cause!
David Martin19/03/15£20.00Good Luck !!!
Lesley Thorndyke19/03/15£20.00Best of luck to you both. I absolutely hate heights, can't even stand on a ladder. You have my admiration!
Grant Timms17/03/15£20.00Lie back & think of Wembley buddy
Liz Price13/03/15£10.00Don't forget to pack your 'He Dump'!! Good Luck :)
Angela Harris13/03/15£20.00Well done Tony, don't forget to post some photos
Kerry Rimmer12/03/15£30.00Don't pull the red cord!! Amazing challenge Tony for a worthy cause! Best of Luck!
Sheila and philip12/03/15£20.00Go,go,go - enjoy xx
julian12/03/15£30.00Good luck Tony worthy cause well done
Alison Grover01/03/15£20.00Good luck Tony. Rather you than me! Xx
Sarah & Chris27/02/15£30.00Nutters xx
Laura & Dave24/02/15£25.00Best of luck for the jump Tony - Dave says you've been trained to know where the exits are :)
James Clayton23/02/15£10.00Good luck, I've asked the other Mr C to send some £££ too!
Lou & Mike Stile22/02/15£20.00Enjoy Macey - well done x
Zara Grindrod19/02/15£20.00Good Luck!
Hannah Mungo13/02/15£20.00Good luck!!
Keith Elmer12/02/15£20.00Jumped for Fence Club - fabulous experience. The freefall is the best bit!! Enjoy, and well done Tony.
Clive Smith12/02/15£20.00Good luck and well done for supporting such a worthy cause!
Julie Taylor12/02/15£15.00From a fellow sufferer! Great cause !
Andrew Moulsher12/02/15£20.00Good for you Tony - good luck mate!
Matthew Atwill10/02/15£20.00Good Luck Tony!
Bridget Edwards10/02/15£5.00Rather you than me...take your dentures out before ya jump ;-) Well done Tony
Alicia Davenport10/02/15£20.00Good luck!
Charlotte Hamilton10/02/15£5.00Good luck! :)
danielle cook06/02/15£10.00Good Luck Mace!
Faye coles 01/02/15£10.00good luck to you both x
Tony Mace01/02/15£30.00Donations from my Nuremberg Irish bar drinking partners!!! Thank you Mr Wells and co.
Fran Jay24/01/15£20.00Its an excellent cause and you are both very brave - good luck
Chalky & Liz22/01/15£25.00You need to watch Point Break again first.
Ian Edmunds16/01/15£20.00Best of Luck
Tracy Bateman16/01/15£10.00Good Luck to both of you!
Nick Herrington15/01/15£20.00A great cause, best of luck! (I work with Bob)
Jane Baldwin15/01/15£20.00 
Jim Helmore12/01/15£10.00Rather you than me! Good luck!
Richard Foulkes12/01/15£20.00Good luck mate!
Donna & Paul Risbridger10/01/15£20.00A massive well done! As a height hater I'm very impressed! Xx
Hannah McGurk09/01/15£10.00Good Luck!! :)
Tanya Whelan 09/01/15£10.00Good Luck !
Vicki Elmer08/01/15£10.00You can do it! I'll double the donation if you are nice about Saints for the remainder of the season! ;-)
Colin Mace08/01/15£100.00Take spare pants
Roger Dyson08/01/15£20.00Enjoy the experience
Lisa Alexander08/01/15£20.00Facing your fears for a good cause, you can do it Macey! X
Lance Brown08/01/15£20.00How much do you need for me to tamper with your cords
julian & vicky 04/01/15£20.00dive Tony dive!!!
Matt Conlon03/01/15£30.00Feel sorry for the poor sod going down with you. Bad enough jumping out of a plane without the smell of your brown trousers.
Kylie North03/01/15£15.00Good luck guys :-) Great cause. Love every second of the skydive, take it all in! Xx
Total donated online: £1,215.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £286.25
Tony's Tandem Skydive

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