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The Enfield Deaf Social Club provides a safe place where Deaf and Hard of Hearing people can meet and socialise. Hearing people who want to practice their British Sign Language are also welcome to come to the club. We help many elderly deaf people who would normally be isolated in their homes. Since all of the Government cuts we can only afford to meet twice a month. With more funding we would like to arrange British Sign Language supported days out to historical sites or museums.

Tara's DIFC Santa Run 2016 - 10km

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Tara Gallagher

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My online donors:
Susan Haring21/11/16£20.00All the best of luck to Tara ????
Chris11/11/16£15.00Good on you Tara. I hope it goes well. That's a very good cause. :)
Sue Bundy11/11/16£20.00Good luck Tara xx
Nathalie07/11/16£30.00Good luck Tara!!!
Kevin31/10/16£20.00Good luck Tara
Total donated online: £105.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £21.25
Tara's DIFC Santa Run 2016 - 10km

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