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FCCHS is a registered charity which supports Chelsea Community Hospital School by providing funding to keep the Hospital School open during the 12 weeks school holidays, a youth club in the evenings and an enriched music and arts programme. Our aim is that all children in hospital have access to stimulating activities all year round.

CCHS Students Superhero Run

CCHS Students, , MRoberts-Dorey, MarianaF, HeidiBell, Ipudman, KGeorgievska, , AngelinaE, Haile
CCHS Students has raised 380% of the target
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Students from our school ran 5km in the Superhero Fun Run on Sunday 14th May to raise money for Chelsea Community Hospital School.

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Chelsea Community Hospital School

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Su Browne & family17/05/17£80.00Well done all!
Richard and Diane Canin16/05/17£20.00Hope the event was successful
Alban Squires 15/05/17£20.00Well done Nigel
Michelle15/05/17£10.00Well done Nigel Fantastic!
Antony Wootten15/05/17£10.00Sorry for the lateness of this donation, but I hope the run went well, Nigel!
Geoff14/05/17£10.00Well done Martin and Henry
Angela13/05/17£20.00Good Luck!
Andrew W12/05/17£20.00Go, go, go, Nigel!
Mark W12/05/17£10.00Run, Nigel, Run!
Ioana Dorofte11/05/17£10.00You go Super Nigel! Good Luck! We will be all rooting for you :)
brett Gowlett11/05/17£20.00 
Mr Jacob Doran11/05/17£20.00 
Nikki Wilkinson11/05/17£15.00Good luck Nigel!
Danica Chapman11/05/17£10.00 
Tacey11/05/17£20.00Good Luck!
Rebecca Summer11/05/17£20.00 
Lucy11/05/17£15.00Enjoy the run!
Wolf11/05/17£20.00Enjoy your exercise in the knowledge you are helping someone
David11/05/17£20.00Go for it Nigel!
Heena11/05/17£20.00Good Luck to everyone.
Petra 11/05/17£10.00Good luck! :)
Samuel de Lange11/05/17£20.00good luck
 11/05/17£50.00Good Luck!
Pfutzner Family09/05/17£30.00Go CCHS!
Jackie and Hannah27/04/17£50.00You're all superheroes.
Total donated online: £610.00
Amount raised offline: £350.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £152.50
CCHS Students Superhero Run

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