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Friends of Ebenezer Child Care support Ebenezer centre in Livingstone, Zambia, where a team of dedicated Christians are transforming the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. Everything is provided for each child:- education, food, clothes, medical care and, when needed, somewhere to live and someone to call mother.

Yikes My China Trek September 2016!

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Hi...this is a pledge to all my supportive friends and family!  I am very lucky there, of course :-)

Here we go again, well the last time I actually braved a Trek of this kind was back in 2007 where I ended up with 10 blisters , a nose bleed and chaffing beyond belief!  That was 100km through the Sahara Desert, ouch.

This time I have agreed to embark on the challenge of climbing the Great Wall of China - YIKES, I am scared.  How on earth did this happen?

As most of you know I intend to raise money for orphans in Zambia to help educate, feed and give them a chance in life that we take for granted here. This is literally £ for £ fundriasing as my trip costs are literally every penny raised goes direct to the cause :-)

I have been out, bought the footwear so now its time to begin my training and nothing motivates me more than money going to charity. 

I cannot thank you enough in advance for any donation given no matter how large or small.  It will motivate me to acheive my goal, it really will so thank you from my heart & soon to be sore feet!

Sadly, since I pledged to embark on this tough challenge, I have learnt that the remarkable lady who set up the orphanage 15 years ago, and who has helped hundreds of vulnerable and bereaved children, has died suddenly. Mrs Ranji Chara has been an inspiration to my family and to many people all over the world, and so I dedicate this fundraising effort to her.

Charlotte xxx

Charlotte Newton

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Russell05/10/16£10.00Hopefully this works and I don't get charged 10 times :)
Michelle, Stuart, poppy & Henry01/10/16£20.00Well done! What s great achievement! X
The Dacks30/09/16£20.00Well done, what an amazing thing to do! Lots of hugs & kisses from Oliver & Alice xxxx
Amanda Cordrey30/09/16£5.00Amazing job - well done lovely!! xx
Louise Kaufman 30/09/16£10.00Well done Charlotte!!! Xx
Naomi 29/09/16£10.00Well done Charlotte - we can celebrate tonight! :) xxx
Dan26/09/16£20.00Well done dudes !
Laura, Lloyd and Josh x21/09/16£15.00Well done hon xx
 21/09/16£10.00Well done!! xx
Emma O'Brien20/09/16£20.00Well done,Charlotte! What an amazing achievement xx
Helen & Royston20/09/16£20.00Well done Charlotte! What an amazing adventure & great charity! Love Helen xx
Sarah Gibson15/09/16£20.00Best wishes Charlotte! Love Sarah, Gary, Ciara & Henry x
The Barretts07/09/16£30.00Good luck Char, you will smash it ! Xxx
Martha, Shaun and Raffy xx07/09/16£15.00Good luck Charlotte - you'll be amazing! x
Bouma family06/09/16£20.00Go Newton, you'll be awesome!
Gemma & Bella02/09/16£20.00Wishing you all the energy and stamina required and may the force be with you...! Xx
Anne Trudgian02/09/16£20.00I have visited Ebenezer and met Ranji there and again at your Mum's house. She was a wonderful lady. My daughter Rachel ran the London Marathon this year for Ebenezer. Good luck and enjoy the experien
PHILIP & MARY GREENSLADE22/08/16£100.00How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the one who brings good news...Your God reigns. We'll be praying.
Colin and Avril22/08/16£50.00Good luck with this challenge, Charlotte. God bless, Colin & Avril xx
Mel Ashleigh19/08/16£50.00Charlotte just want to say you're so inspiring and thank you for what you're doing for Ebenezer - you're a star! xx
Louise Katin19/08/16£20.00Good luck Charlotte! You really are amazing! From all the Katins xx
Nicola 17/08/16£20.00Way to go Charlotte!!! Amazing what you are doing! Love Nic, Keith & Henry xxx
Prash Chitsabesan17/08/16£20.00Great Work Charlotte and Good luck!
Amanda Bombardiere17/08/16£50.00Good luck Charlotte I hope it goes well. Love Amanda
Alexander McEwen17/08/16£100.00A very worthwhile tribute to Ranji. Enjoy the challenge!
Anna & Dan Thomas18/07/16£50.00Good luck Charlotte!!
Emily Nicholls24/06/16£10.00A great cause that means a lot to me too. So excited for our adventure in September - just 75 days to go! Ahh!
Friends of Anne & Keith16/06/16£20.00 Be blessed with a smile on your face and feet with no blisters......
Anne Olford10/05/16£20.00Enjoy the challenge, Charlotte, lots of love, Mum xx
Ren21/04/16£5.00Good luck!!!
Emily, Stevo, Jaiden and Harry 14/04/16£10.00Good luck Charlotte xxx
Dee Howey11/04/16£10.00Such a worthwhile cause Charlotte - well done you. Best of luck. xxx
Jonah Defries03/04/16£30.00Good luck Girl.
Bethany Dawson01/04/16£10.00Good Luck Charlotte! xxx
Lucie01/04/16£10.00Can't wait to hear about the trek when you get back, I'm sure you will love it as much as I did... Well... Maybe not the toilets... Good Luck Char! xxx
Julie, Steve, Max and Jessica 31/03/16£10.00Good luck Charlotte xxx
Clare, Garry and Max31/03/16£15.00Good luck and 'enjoy' it. Think of all the champagne you can have when you're home to celebrate!
Lisa31/03/16£10.00Amazing! Good luck xx
Claire W31/03/16£20.00Good luck Charlotte and what an amazing challenge. Lots of love and supportive hugs Claire, Seb and James xxx
Victoria Thomson31/03/16£50.00Good luck Charlotte - don't forget to pack the touche éclat!! xx
Siobhan and Dominic02/03/16£50.00Good luck. Glad you are getting your walking boots on again!
Joanna Welch01/03/16£10.00Still can't believe you got heel insoles for you boots! Good luck lovely xxx
Laura & Zoe28/02/16£20.00Enjoy Char, you will have a blast. Lots of love xxx
Sal & Osc 26/02/16£25.00We wish you lots of luck and can't wait to hear how you get on with those toilets! xx
hannah Khan26/02/16£10.00Good Luck Char !!
Katy26/02/16£10.00YAY good luck Charlotte!!
Hannah D26/02/16£10.00Good Luck in China, Char! Lots of love xx
Ria26/02/16£10.00Best of luck Char!!! I'm sure you'll smash it xxx
Alexei12/02/16£10.00A bit of spending money towards that relaxing spa holiday in China you mentioned ;)
Sarah M10/02/16£20.00Good luck Charlotte - you'll be brilliant! Lots of love from the Marriotts xx
Chantelle10/02/16£20.00Good luck!!! You'll be amazing xxx
David09/02/16£10.00Nagging is a successful fundraising tool
Jill & Peter08/02/16£50.00These boots are made for walkin' but keep off the Tiger Beer! Good luck. Jill & Peter
Sarah08/02/16£20.00Good luck you crazy gal, eat lots of noodles to keep you going!
Jack08/02/16£10.00High heels are not suitable footwear for trekking.
Char scarles05/02/16£5.00Good luck lots of love from Mark, Isaac and I x
Faye Trewin 04/02/16£10.00Good luck - you will love it (your thighs may not love it so much!) xxx
Craig Newton03/02/16£50.00So proud of you Mummy Craig & Lainy x x x
Rachel Blake02/02/16£10.00 
Ben Tucker01/02/16£15.00Good luck x
Helena McGrath01/02/16£10.00You go girl!! xx
 01/02/16£50.00Another great challenge to be met, and all in a very good cause! Love, Mum & Keith xx
Tash01/02/16£10.00Go girlies! Enjoy the blisters x
Total donated online: £1,475.00
Amount raised offline: £80.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £300.00
Yikes My China Trek September 2016!

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