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Alzheimer's Research UK is the UK's leading dementia research charity specialising in finding preventions, causes, treatments and a cure for dementia. We believe that science and innovation hold the key to defeating dementia. We need your help to defeat dementia. 97% of our funding comes from supporter donations.

Clearcut Sound Studios

Christopher Wrigglesworth, Lucas Trigg, Dennis Hotten, Ed De Lacy, James Clark, Charlie Cooper
Christopher Wrigglesworth has raised 80% of the target
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Thank you for checking out our site. Please sponsor us to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK. It is a cause close to everyone at Clearcut Sound's heart.

Alzheimer's Research UK will receive your money quickly and easily and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Many thanks for your support. 

Everyone at Clearcut Sound Studios

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
 22/10/17£100.00Well done to all concerned and continue to fight for an end to Alzheimer's.
Cheryl and Mick16/10/17£25.00Well done Chris and Dennis, sorry we took so long to donate.
Michael Burke03/10/17£20.00Well done, Jennie and Mike
Barbara Beresford02/10/17£25.00Congratulations on completing your ride in memory of dear Jenny
Alan & Marian Carter30/09/17£20.00Excellent cause. Well done!
alicia suszka-fielder29/09/17£10.00Well done boys!
Catherine and Alex26/09/17£100.00Great job Chris - well done.
Judi & Steve Lusher23/09/17£50.00 
geoff/jeanette22/09/17£100.00sorry we're late. hope you were able to celebrate!!!!
Peter Jones22/09/17£50.00Well done team, we new you could make it! Are you now ready to join (CHAPS)?
Sarah Lusher21/09/17£50.00Very well done to you all!! Fantastic achievement!!
Anna Hyland21/09/17£10.00Well done boys! Looking good in lycra ;)
 21/09/17£200.00Well done Clearcut Team for completing the challenge. Keep the fight going to defeat Alzheimer's.
Michael Wort20/09/17£50.00Congratulations to all the team
Guy20/09/17£10.00Well done guys! Glad you got there chafley
Liv and jared 19/09/17£40.00 
Ben & Sarah Clark19/09/17£20.00Well done !
Les and John Hancock19/09/17£15.00Well done to you both!
Gotch17/09/17£15.00Well done lads, smashed it
Martyn and Amy16/09/17£10.00Hope you don't get too impatient, long ride ahead of you....
Dennis16/09/17£100.00Fellow cyclists, stay safe and strong, Ditchling Beacon shall not win.
john16/09/17£20.00Good Luck Dennis & team
Dave Ryan15/09/17£30.00 
Ed15/09/17£20.00Ride like the wind on a bike
Peter & Angela15/09/17£100.00No pain. No gain.
Mel15/09/17£10.00Good luck Trigger and co!
Margaret15/09/17£50.00Good luck team!
Ste Grimes 14/09/17£5.00Good luck lads!!
Matt Trigg14/09/17£5.00Go for it lads!! (...and ladies?)
Ian & Lindsay14/09/17£20.00Good luck mate. All that training on the squash court will pay off!
nicola and Kevin webster14/09/17£25.00Go for it....
Stack13/09/17£20.00Best of luck you bunch of pedalphiles.
Anna-Louise13/09/17£20.00Good luck!
Richard Cooper13/09/17£10.00Enjoy all
Malcolm13/09/17£10.00Good luck Charlie
Mary 12/09/17£20.00don't forget the anti chafing cream...
Heather Temple12/09/17£10.00I'll be on Hove Lawns to cheer you in! xx
Al Thornton12/09/17£20.00Well done, lads! Wishing you all the very best. Enjoy the ride. X
Sam Catalano12/09/17£50.00Ride Forrest, Ride....
Pauline11/09/17£30.00Good Luck! You can do it!
Gregor Stevenson11/09/17£20.00On yer bike, boys!
Sylvia & Peter Tindall 05/09/17£20.00Good luck everybody , in memory of Jenny , a true lady
Fay04/09/17£10.00Best of luck Dennis and team in aid of this very worthwhile cause xx
Beverley & Robert04/09/17£50.00Great idea. Have a great time!!
Peter and Jenny 04/09/17£50.00The challenge is to go up Ditchling without getting off! An excellent cause. Good luck!
Sharon 31/08/17£10.00good luck Dennis , wish you and the other riders safe ride x
Leon29/08/17£50.00eat your mushrooms lucas
Malcolm John Hay29/08/17£20.00Good luck to Dennis, Chris and the rest of the team ... Malcolm (Chaps)
Alice Egan28/08/17£20.00 
Danjay28/08/17£10.00You're going to need some anti-chaffing cream for this!
Dale and Margaret28/08/17£100.00Cheers, Chris.
Deborah 28/08/17£20.00Good luck guys! ?? xoxo
Gren27/08/17£50.00Enjoy the day, when you get to Ditchling don't look up.
Mark Hellaby25/08/17£50.00Good luck with the Beacon chaps!
Pete, Helen and the kids24/08/17£50.00All the best.
Christine and Geoffrey Brinker23/08/17£20.00With fond memories of Jenny Hotten, beloved aunt.
Nina and Matt23/08/17£50.00Good luck with the ride x
Laura Crossley17/08/17£10.00Chris and James... you've changed. But good luck - you'll survive!
Jackie downes06/08/17£50.00Good luck to you all, have a great ride!!
SdelS03/08/17£100.00Go Ed! A cause indeed close to my heart
Jack B21/06/17£10.00GOOD LUCK
Bar dL20/06/17£30.00Go ED! blow a kiss to Brighton for me xx
Wedding Smashers20/06/17£25.00Good luck!
Becci Ride20/06/17£10.00RIDE RIDE RIDE!!! xxx
Karen14/06/17£50.00Good luck with the ride! I'll support by donating some chocolate too, to keep the energy levels high! :-)
Ellie W14/06/17£50.00Yessssssss! First to donate! I expect you to cycle with the same competitive spirit. Good luck!
Total donated online: £2,455.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £535.00
Clearcut Sound Studios

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