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Fundraising Advice

Fundraising Ideas - Aerobathon

Jill from Leeds raised £100 by holding an Aerobathon.

This is a great idea if you can find a venue as you can get all age groups involved and you’ll have lots of fun as well as raising lots of money!

  • Find a suitable venue, perhaps a school or village hall, or ask your local sports centre if you could borrow one - off peak is always a good time.
  • Either lead the aerobathon yourself or ask a friend or colleague to help out. You could take it in turns to do different sections, so keeping everyone involved.
  • Sell refreshments on the day too, this can bring in extra cash
  • Make the day as lively as possible and open to all ages so that everyone can take part. Publicise it at schools and your local gym. The more people you have joining in, the more fun you will have – plus its great training for the trek!

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