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Fundraising Advice

Fundraising Ideas - Curry Night

John from Midlothian arranged a curry night for friends and raised £50.

This is one of the most achievable fundraising events you can organise. All you need to do is invite friends, family or colleagues to dinner at your house and charge them £10-15 for the privilege!

  • Think about who you can invite and how many you can fit around your dinner table.
  • Give potential guests plenty of warning to ensure they will be free on the date of your dinner party.
  • Sell the tickets to your guests in advance, this will ensure you know how much money you will raise from the event.
  • Don’t forget you also need to budget for the cost of the food you are cooking.


If you don’t like curry, how about holding an Italian pasta evening or a Sunday roast. Any dinner party with a twist or theme can be great fun and raise even more money.

The beauty of this is that you can hold two or three sponsored dinner events before you take part in your overseas challenge.

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