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Fundraising Advice

Fundraising Ideas - Skills Auction

Sue from Northampton held a skills auction raising £250.
Sue found 8 people who all had a special talent ranging from gardener, cleaner, cook and babysitter.  To help her with her fundraising they all donated their skill to her and allowed her to auction them off for the best price!

  • Any skill or hobby is a definite advantage however unusual you think it may be.  Can you or anyone you know, cook, read tarot cards, offer aromatherapy?  Do you know anyone in the hotel business or someone that is a hairdresser?
  • Just as with a real auction all your guests can bid for a treatment that is on offer and the highest bidder wins the treat.   If you feel so inclined you could open up the bidding for these in advance so that people who cannot attend the event can get a chance to take part.
  • Start with a minimum bid of £10 this will ensure your bids are of a decent amount
  • Make sure you send invitations to guests well in advance, giving details of the skills or services available to bid for and when and where the auction will take place. 

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