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Teens Unite Fighting Cancer has been established to support teenagers with life limiting illnesses. Our main objective is to raise enough funds to be able to provide Respite Homes for the teens to spend time together. Also with the help of our dedicated supporters we can help teenagers undergoing chemo, with a high tech new hair system. For these teenagers, the hairstyle is not so much the issue as of the lack of any hair at all.

Greenwich 5k Santa run

Adrian Day, Ben Oakley, Maria Livings, Isaac Lilos, Dominic Coleman
Adrian Day has raised 300% of the target
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We are running 5k in Greenwich Park on 4 December. We'll all be dressed as Santa.

We're raising money for Teens Unite which helps teenagers suffering from cancer - so please help.

Donating through this site is simple.

Teens Unite will receive your money quickly and easily and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Many thanks for your support,

Maria Livings, Ben Oakley, Dominic Coleman, Adrian Day and Isaac Lilos

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Tom18/01/12£5.00Well done... £10 for a 10k next time ;o)
Isaac16/12/11£50.00Well done guys, it was hard but very rewarding to have done it. shall we jump out of a plane next year?? ;-)
Anonomouse13/12/11£5.00rave on santa x
Martin, Pam and Clara12/12/11£10.00sorry we are so late, too busy at the Christmas Markets in Europe. Hope it wont well?!
Katherine & Paul08/12/11£10.00Well done Maria!
jenny ht 07/12/11£10.00well done - what a great achievement!
Jon, Karen, Herb, Alby & Ned06/12/11£10.00Better late than never, so they say. Good effort Dom and all you Santa's
Sue Mutton05/12/11£20.00Hope you got through your run safely. Well done
Jane and Naz05/12/11£10.00You go Ben Oakley! - will you wear your Santa Suit in the Gallery? Please!! Jane & Naz xxxx
Noni Aldridge (Doms mother in law!)04/12/11£100.00Well done Dom and everyone, great running for an excellent cause.
Frankie04/12/11£10.00Hope the run went well Isaac..see you soon I hope. best wishes Frankie
John Franklin04/12/11£10.00Go Santa! Go!
Fanny Livings04/12/11£50.00Give it some clog our mam
Jess, Kate and Maisy04/12/11£20.00That had to be seen to be believed. Well done all!
Becky oldfield04/12/11£20.00 
Keith Heywood04/12/11£10.00run for it
Hazel, Dobx03/12/11£5.00Good luck Maria and all the other Santa's!
amanda eyo03/12/11£20.00Run,lady,run like the wind. (Don't trip over your beard)xx
Dee & Tom Carter03/12/11£30.00Hope the sun shines on you. Good luck tomorrow. With love and admiration Dee & Tom
Godfrey03/12/11£25.00Keep on runnin'
Davud Knotts02/12/11£10.00May you have the stamina of 300 reindeer
Siddiqua02/12/11£10.00Good luck!
Kate S02/12/11£10.00looking forward to seeing you in the park (if its not raining ha ha!) XXX
Jefferson Smith01/12/11£20.00Good Luck to Maria and all the Santas. Jeff and Kirsty xxxx
Colin01/12/11£20.00Good luck, Maria. Let's hope it doesn't rain, dear. Ho, ho, hum.
joanie01/12/11£15.00Santa Maria! what will you do next!
Sigrun Sverrisdottir01/12/11£20.00Good luck Maria, such good cause
Bev01/12/11£10.00Enjoy the incline Dom! Best of luck x
Boo01/12/11£15.00when Crack Santa sweats...let the ill behaviour commence! good luck y'all ;-)
Debi Allen30/11/11£30.00Run Like ... a man dressed as a penguin x
Yasmin, Ansar & Taramon30/11/11£20.00Have fun Dom - very good cause. xxx
Scotbadge Limited30/11/11£50.00Good Luck Isaac !! no help from the reindeers you can do it !
kate&edward29/11/11£20.00good luck ! and well done ! xxx
Sue Cook28/11/11£10.00Hi Dom, good luck for the run and enjoy!! Hope to see some photos on face book.
Sylvie28/11/11£20.00Good luck Isaac, hope someone is taking pictures :-)
Brockhurst Davies28/11/11£20.00Good Luck Isaac and all the Santa's.
Richard Marks28/11/11£25.00Good luck from all at Spike Leisurewear
The Owens27/11/11£10.00Good luck Dom and all the santas. xx
Esther & Simon27/11/11£20.00Mightily impressed !! Can we watch ?! jingle all the way ....; )
Rachel27/11/11£20.00I'm really impressed Dom, I didn't think you did running:-) Good luck everyone xxx
Jane and Scott27/11/11£20.00Faster faster! X
Ilona27/11/11£5.00YES YAS GO MARIAAAAAA!! XXX
Sam, Janine, Rach & Tilly27/11/11£20.00Good luck Dom (and everyone) - 5k is further than you think!
Nela/ Hippogryph27/11/11£5.00I'm glad and happy to support United teens and my friends. Thank you for your hard work.
ceri26/11/11£20.00Please catch this on camera if at all possible, this is golden T.V. viewing!!!
anonymous26/11/11£10.00Good luck you'll do great!x
Hilary Norton26/11/11£10.00Good for you! It's good that you give your time&energy for this.
Ros26/11/11£25.00Ho ho ho! Good luck Maria! Assume you'll be doing the 5k on reindeer-drawn sled with elves? XXXX
Lizzie25/11/11£10.00Can we watch?
Nick Shirley25/11/11£10.00No help from your reindeers or sleigh Isaac!
Dennis25/11/11£20.00Go Isaac!
Maria16/11/11£10.00Well done you guys! Go Go Go!
Kirstie Black16/11/11£20.00Maybe a swim up the Thames next year - good luck!
ian mccusker16/11/11£5.00Best of luck !!
Malc & Nicky15/11/11£10.00Go Ben!
carne14/11/11£20.00worth every penny Ben .. I wanna see pies and a 118 tash too. .. good cause mate - all the best
sarah, sam and charlotte08/11/11£20.00look forward to seeing you flying up that hill...x
bobbie08/11/11£20.00good luck
Vero01/11/11£10.00Vamos Santa, a correr!!!
Vero01/11/11£10.00Vamos Santa, a correr!!!
Suzy and Phil01/11/11£20.00Hohoho Go Dom!!
Sophie 27/10/11£10.00Best of luck
Louisa27/10/11£30.00Can we watch and laugh? xx
Boris and Fleur27/10/11£20.00Run like the wind, but be careful not to trip up on your beard!!
Mum 26/10/11£20.00Good luck I know you can do it
sam26/10/11£20.00good luck
Jo, Si & Claire Baker25/10/11£30.00Well done!
Tanya20/10/11£20.00Go Santas Go!
Karin 20/10/11£20.00Good luck Ben
GonnyGlass20/10/11£10.00Good luck to you all...Let's save Santa a trip this year; be naughty=)
Haniah15/10/11£30.00Good luck dad!! Seeing you dressed as santa is going to be hilarious!
anonymous11/10/11£30.00Good luck, Santa ;)
Glyn10/10/11£20.00You are going to be jolly hot. Well done, Mr Day!
Sheedy10/10/11£30.00Good luck! Run Santa Run!
Total donated online: £1,515.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £378.75
Greenwich 5k Santa run

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