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Beat is the UK's eating disorder charity. We support anyone with an eating disorder, their friends and family, as well as professionals working with or worried about an individual in their care.

Hannah's Tandem Skydive

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Hi All,

2012 is going to be a big year for me. And February even bigger still. Not only do I turn 30, but I have also decided (in a moment of pure insanity, perhaps) to launch myself from a plane 10000 feet in the air, all in aid of a charity very close to my heart.

During 2011 I spent a (very long) month in hospital with Anorexia Nervosa. I am lucky. I have amazing friends and family and I have had brilliant care within the NHS. But there are hundreds of sufferers who don't get the support they need. BEAT is a charity that provides very real and practical support to sufferers and carers of those with all kinds of eating disorders, many of whom can't access the kind of support I've had. It also runs outreach and support programmes into schools to target vulnerable young people. 

Trust me - they are an AMAZING charity, I wouldn't be considering such a crazy act if I didn't wholly believe in what they do!

So, please, please, please sponsor me now!

Donating through this site is simple.

BEAT will receive your money quickly and easily and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Massive thanks for your support,

Hannah x

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Amy and John Andrews18/02/12£20.00Congratulations, what an amazing achievement and a great cause close to your heart.
Hannah09/02/12£13.00Well, I know this is cheating, but I haven't sponsored myself yet... (all in the name of making it a nice, round figure!) - Sorry Paul!
Kathryn Watson04/02/12£30.00You are amazing, Hannah!
Gavin & Claire04/02/12£10.00 
John Mapperley04/02/12£40.00All this for the price of a second-hand push mower!
Paul04/02/12£50.00Good luck my fluffy eared birthday girl
Ian and Wendy03/02/12£20.00Good luck you crazy kitten. x x
Sarah and Adam02/02/12£10.00It's not flying, it's falling with style! Good luck! x
Karen Dingle31/01/12£10.00You're very brave Hannah. Well done for raising so much money for such a worthwhile cause :) xx
Lucy and James29/01/12£10.00Good luck - you are SO SO brave! xxxx
Penny & Richard29/01/12£15.00Go Hannah!!! You're an inspiration!!
Charlotte27/01/12£10.00So proud of you, beautiful sister! You're doing such an amazing thing for a fantastic cause!! Love you loads xxxxx
Donna Yeates27/01/12£15.00Go Hannah! You are one tough cookie- brave does not describe it. Love you loads x x x
Jeremy Thomas23/01/12£7.00Such an important cause. Good luck..!
Sam Seedhouse23/01/12£50.00Good Luck my lovely!! I think you're very brave and a fabulous person, love & hugs xxx
Seb23/01/12£5.00Better you than me jumping out of a plane!!
Robert Epps (honorary step grand dad)23/01/12£20.00Good luck and well done
Steve & Alison Woodward (Woodies)23/01/12£25.00Very brave of you and for a very good cause. Our son Paul did one and loved it
Rachel22/01/12£5.00So impressed with what you are doing Hannah. Really hope you love the experience once it comes to it xxx
Amy Dingle22/01/12£10.00Good Luck Hannah! I'm sure it'll be an amazing experience!! :) x x x
Hannah22/01/12£25.00Rather you than me! Good luck!
Kirsty and Pete20/01/12£10.00Go Hannah! We can't wait to see the pics! x
Christine Twite20/01/12£5.00Go Hannah! Sounds like 2012 will be an amazing year xx
Alice Mayne09/01/12£15.00Well done Hannah - I'm proud of you hun xx
Mary09/01/12£20.00Good luck!
shida sattar09/01/12£5.00Good luck Hannah,you will be fab!!!!
Miriam19/12/11£5.00Good luck!
Victor Montefiore09/12/11£10.00Well Done. Love Victor, Illy, Nathan and Sylvie xxxx
Gurprit Chana09/12/11£20.00 
Nicola H09/12/11£5.00Good luck hannah!
Kate08/12/11£20.00Amaaazing feat, big sis! Very proud of you (and mega jealous)! Love you lots xxxxxxxxxx
Ros and Simon07/12/11£20.00Go Hannah!!!
Tash & J, Channa & Saul, Michelle & Ian01/12/11£35.00Good Luck! To a special Lady, All Our Love the Macks and Peters XXXX
Bill Greaves30/11/11£10.00Go For it Hannah. Josh & I did it for fun. I would do it again tomorrow. enjoy every second of it it over far too quick.
carlygreaves29/11/11£10.00Well done Hannah, I surpose I have to do mine now! eeeeeek! Love you x
Emma Cruddace28/11/11£10.00I don't even like the oblivion ride! Go Hannah!
Katherine28/11/11£10.00Good luck Hannah!
Elaine and Malcolm Joels27/11/11£50.00Good luck, Hannah. You are a star!
Amy27/11/11£5.00Good luck Hannah. You are very brave!
Julie W26/11/11£25.00GO HANNAH! SO PROUD OF YOU! XXX
Dad25/11/11£50.00£50 from us lot in Melton. Well done to you.
Vicky and Jon25/11/11£50.00Good luck!! And forget everything you were told in school about gravity. It was lies and you'll be fine x
Dawn and Megan Warren25/11/11£10.00Go Mrs Joels. Lots of luv Megs xxxx
Total donated online: £820.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £205.00
Hannah's Tandem Skydive

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