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Contact the Elderly is the only national charity solely dedicated to tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people. We aim to do this by organising monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for small groups of older people (aged 75+) who live alone, and volunteers within their local community, offering a regular and vital friendship link every month.

Did I mention I'm scared of heights?

Hannah Montgomery  has raised 200% of the target
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Hello you lovely generous person you, 

Go on sponsor me right now and dig deep!

Donating through this site is simple... Even I can figure it out... Though I don't know how to rotate or delete as is evident above.

Contact the elderly is a really worth while cause, let's face it we are all hoping to get old and wouldn't it be vile to feel isolated and lonely. They organise tea parties for older people (you know I love cake) and offer friendship to people who have little or no contact with family or friends.

Go on a small act of kindness will make you feel smug and will make a massive difference to someone's quality of life... And at least you've not got to concur a fear and throw yourself out of a plane! Why am I doing this again?!? 

Contact the elderly will receive your money quickly and easily and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Many thanks for your support... And if you're not donating shame on you.

Hannah "scared of heights and couldn't even get a good photo shot at the Grand Canyon due to fear" Montgomery 

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Cheung21/05/16£5.00Well done mate! =) xx
Laurie17/05/16£20.00WOW! You did! Congratulations, you're brave. Thank you for doing this for such a great cause x
David Raine17/05/16£20.00Well done!
Sarah Wrixon16/05/16£30.00Huge congrats Hannah, very brave! Sarah and the Salix team
Katy phelps14/05/16£20.00 
Gareth Fearn13/05/16£20.00Make sure to check all the clips BEFORE jumping out!
Jeff T13/05/16£10.00Close your eyes and think of cake!
Ant 13/05/16£20.00 
Anthony Harris13/05/16£20.00Sorry Hannah, done now!
James E13/05/16£10.00Good Luck Hannah!
Pete13/05/16£50.00I wouldn't recommend it... but at least it's all in a good cause!
Duncan12/05/16£20.00Have the time of your life, smell the sky!
jamil12/05/16£10.00Good luck Hannnaaaah.
Richard Lee11/05/16£20.00Well done - fantastic effort
Bruce Hiscock10/05/16£20.00Good luck Hannah!
Tristan Warner-Smith10/05/16£10.00Don't worry, it's just like falling off a log.
Jonathan Lancaster06/05/16£10.00Great cause. Good luck mate
Amber Pitt05/05/16£12.50 
Dean Walford03/05/16£20.00Good Luck Hannah. Like you I'm nervous of heights so think you are very brave doing this. Great cause!
Iain O Skelton28/04/16£20.00Go Hannah-soft landing!!!! x
Robin Batchelor27/04/16£20.00Have fun
Robert Corder27/04/16£20.00Great effort for an amazing charity!
Daniel Carpenter26/04/16£10.00Good onya Hannah.
Adam Hawkins18/04/16£20.00Go Hannah - Whoop! nutter
Alistair Mann15/04/16£10.00Good luck Hannah!
Amy-Beth Stevens15/04/16£20.00You will be fab, just go for it!
Paul Barry15/04/16£25.00Good luck Hannah!
Richard Bedford15/04/16£20.00 
Mike Pickett14/04/16£10.00Good on you Hannah.
Mark O'Leary14/04/16£20.00Good luck and really well done :)
Joanne Dolan13/04/16£10.00God luck Monty! Great charity xx
Unkle Maybelle13/04/16£25.00Good Luck Hannah xxxu
Sarah King13/04/16£10.00Don't forget to pull the cord!
Melly & Benno13/04/16£10.00Crazy bitch!! Xxx
Baggott12/04/16£20.00Good luck Monty! Very proud of you facing your fears for such a good cause! Xx
John Preston12/04/16£20.00Good luck!!! x
NickJ12/04/16£40.00Go go Monty! Hope all goes well.
Lucy and Ben12/04/16£10.00Go Han Go!! xxx
Jackie Glen12/04/16£20.00You go girly x
Andrew Wilson12/04/16£10.00Once you take that step its like, well, falling out of a plane
Tom Sullivan12/04/16£20.00Good luck young lady
Adam R07/04/16£10.00Good luck Hannah - sorry I got here late!
Mary and Freddie Humphrey26/03/16£5.00 
Snowden02/03/16£10.00Good luck xx
Shy 20/02/16£20.00Good Luck Hannah xxx
The Candlish's 19/02/16£10.00 
Mom14/02/16£25.00Bet you thought I'd broken my pinky promise ?? I agree with your brother, you may well have a breakdown, just remember your first time on a roller coaster. You will survive!!
Sam04/02/16£20.00You go girl
Rhys Doolan04/02/16£15.00Good luck Han
Helen B 01/02/16£10.00Good luck Han! Enjoy- wish I was doing another one! Best thing ever :)
Emily01/02/16£25.00You're so brave for doing this! Hope you raise tons of cash and enjoy the experience xx
Lisa Wood31/01/16£20.00You're a little bit nuts !!! Enjoy ??
Kyleigh31/01/16£10.00Good luck Monty! Very worthwhile cause xx
Lucy T31/01/16£20.00You always have to have a challenge!! good luck!
Zena31/01/16£10.00Good luck Hannah you are braver than I am! Xx
Becki Hay Ward30/01/16£25.00Well done you! You nutter - rather you than me! Xx
Chris Ryan 28/01/16£20.00You will love it Mongo!!! If I survived, you will. Good luck xx
John28/01/16£20.00Will there be a video? I think you're going to have a breakdown hahaha!
Mario Jay28/01/16£25.00Great Cause Montana. All the best and enjoy the ride.
Mark28/01/16£10.00Rather you than me Hannah good luck
Total donated online: £1,047.50
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £243.13
Did I mention I'm scared of heights?

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