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The Blood Pressure Association is the UK-wide charity dedicated to lowering the nation's blood pressure. We aim to prevent unnecessary death and disability from heart disease, heart attacks and stroke caused by high blood pressure.

50th Birthday Tandem Skydive

Jean Richardson has raised 140% of the target
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I shall be 50 this year and I will be doing a sponsored Tandem Skydive in aid of the Blood Pressure Association. 

I am hoping to raise as much money as possible for this worthwhile cause and I do hope you will sponsor me. 

Donating through this site is simple and the Blood Pressure Association will receive your money quickly and easily and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

£10 would go a long way but any amount will be gratefully received.

Many thanks for your support.

Jean Richardson

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Jacquie & Trevor Agnew08/07/11£25.00Congratulations. With all our love.
Mark C29/06/11£20.00 
Tessa29/06/11£10.00Well done!
David Owens26/06/11£10.00 
Jackie Helm21/06/11£20.00 
Joe Bolton19/06/11£10.00 
Kate Waldock18/06/11£10.00Well done Jean - you'll have a blast, I'm sure!
Linda W28/05/11£12.50Good luck Jean - show us how it's done! L xx
anonymous27/05/11£5.00Good luck Jean!
Lesley & Michael and the cats14/05/11£20.00Wow! Enjoy yourself on the day!
Julia 13/05/11£25.00Good luck Jean! xxx
anonymous12/05/11£20.00Enjoy the adrenaline rush! Once in a lifetime!
Lowell12/05/11£10.00Give us a wave on your way down!! Good Luck XXX
Trina and Neil Phillips11/05/11£20.00Good luck Jean!!!!! You must be insane !!!!!!
Candice sherriff11/05/11£20.00Happy birthday! Good luck and enjoy the view from up there!
Conor 10/05/11£20.00Go for it Jean - Best of luck
Oliver Hughes09/05/11£20.00Good luck Jean - you are much braver than me!
Steve Penny09/05/11£25.00 
Ivan09/05/11£50.00Good luck!
Sam09/05/11£10.00Good luck!!
steve yewman09/05/11£20.00You're Mad, but good luck!
anonymous09/05/11£20.00Good luck and I hope it opens!!
Tee06/05/11£20.00It's not for me Jean but I wouldn't mind beign strapped to a hunk for a while! My very best wishes for this amazing event. XX
Phil Easeman18/04/11£20.00 
Chris Warren18/04/11£20.00 
Leigh11/04/11£25.00Good luck. First steps a big one!
Mark Atherton11/04/11£10.00 
Brian Baker11/04/11£5.00 
Graham Poulton11/04/11£10.00 
Terry Baxter11/04/11£10.00 
Chris Dean11/04/11£10.00 
Simon Beales11/04/11£10.00 
Rob East11/04/11£10.00 
Robin Cartwright11/04/11£10.00 
Gordon Joiner11/04/11£10.00 
Marcus Richardson11/04/11£10.00 
Rich Kendrick11/04/11£10.00 
Matt Hutchinson11/04/11£10.00 
John M30/03/11£40.00Please come back afterwards
Jackie 29/03/11£10.00Good Luck!!
Katie too!25/03/11£5.00 
Katie Thomas25/03/11£10.00Geronimo!
David Priest24/03/11£20.00Impressive.... the jump not your birthday! Great charity. Enjoy the experience.
Joanna Collins24/03/11£25.00Good Luck Jean! What a brave challenge x
Gary Hockey-Morley24/03/11£20.00What a thing to do for your 50th, and what a fantastic cause. Good luck and enjoy every moment
Jason23/03/11£10.00Hi Jean, the very best of luck. Jason
anonymous21/03/11£15.00Good luck Jean - enjoy the view.
Jan E21/03/11£15.00Go for it, girl! Hope your tandem buddy is a nutcase, it helps! x
Helen Howard18/03/11£20.00Good luck!
anonymous18/03/11£10.00good luck
Pete Francis18/03/11£20.00Good luck - it is great fun!
Edward Rowe16/03/11£20.00Good luck and enjoy!
Bruce Matthews15/03/11£50.00I'm sure doing a skydive would put my blood pressure UP !!
Sonia15/03/11£20.00I think you're really brave! Hope you have a great day.
nicholas marren14/03/11£10.00Make sure you pull the cord!
capel irwin14/03/11£20.00Madness!
Nick Mansey14/03/11£20.00Good luck, you've got more bottle than most go for it.
Ian King14/03/11£20.00Best of luck with it!
Stephen Richardson14/03/11£50.00Good luck rather you than me love steve sarah and archie
John Clark07/03/11£20.00Great effort, good luck.
Simon07/03/11£20.00Jean, very best of luck. Have fun. Simon
Kim ford03/03/11£20.00Good luck Jean, when's the party?
Julia dalbiac01/03/11£50.00Good luck Jean, rather you than me! respect and admiration for you.xx
Andy Gohl28/02/11£20.00we will have to lay off the Indian meals, or we will all be having high blood pressure, if we havn't got it already.
Andrew Hancock28/02/11£100.00Enjoy your short trip
Barry Burke25/02/11£50.00 
Martin P25/02/11£30.00Happy flying!
Bill Muirhead24/02/11£100.00 
anonymous23/02/11£50.0050th anniversary - gotta be worth £50! Good for you, Jean, "travel safely!!"
NHBC CR Committee22/02/11£10.00 
Jo Y21/02/11£10.00GOOD LUCK Jean!!! Looking forward to the photos and vid being posted on FB after the event! :)
Molly & Arthur18/02/11£30.00 
Martyn and Linda17/02/11£10.00You're much braver than me, as I've got older my fear of heights has come on.
Liz Male & Rob Lockey16/02/11£20.00Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Fab-At-Fifty SuperJean! Good luck, have fun. You're very brave :)
Lynn Kiss16/02/11£5.00Jean Way to go! Good luck hon! Really proud of you and in a good cause. Take care Love Lynn xxx
Gary Richardson15/02/11£100.00Good luck darling! x
anonymous15/02/11£10.00A very noble gesture OR one way of making sure you get a jump on your 50th! Good Luck Jean x
Gary13/02/11£10.00Good Luck.
Total donated online: £1,947.50
Amount raised offline: £955.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £486.88
50th Birthday Tandem Skydive

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