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IFAW works to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals throughout the world by reducing commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats, and assisting animals in distress. We seek to motivate the public to prevent cruelty to animals and to promote animal welfare and conservation policies that advance the well being of both animals and people.

Clever Dogs IFAW Challenge

Kaley Howland has raised 90% of the target
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Please sponsor me now and help me to help protect animals across the globe!

Animals and our habitat are vital to us and we want to make their world (and ours) a better place in which to live. 

Your contribution will help is to achieve our goal of working towards achieving animals rights, saving local habitats and educating others in animal welfare. By supporting us, you are supporting our cause! 

Many thanks for your support,

Kaley Howland

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Ann01/10/16£10.00Good cause.
Jimmyboy16/07/16£20.00good luck - Jim woof woof!
Jo Rawnsley14/07/16£25.00Good luck :o)
Various11/07/16£1070.00Includes family, friends and cash donated by clevercrew
Frankie, Albert & Linda, Ken26/06/16£40.00Given as cash sponsor
Starr and Diego (Sharon & Rich)20/06/16£10.00Good luck Kaley ! Great cause!
doug (pudsey)14/06/16£100.00good luck on the adventure
Vicky and Spanner02/06/16£10.00Good luck X
Clever Classes Crew02/06/16£100.00Good luck all
Hannah Slater31/05/16£20.00Such a good cause and I hope it goes well, don't get lost!! Xx
sammy whittles28/05/16£10.00Good luck guys xx
Hayley hunt28/05/16£20.00Go Kaley!
Liam Stacey and Rocky28/05/16£30.00Good luck Kaley and team
Diane & Tony28/05/16£20.00Good luck girls. You'll do great. Love Diane and Tony X
Amy and milo28/05/16£20.00Good luck Kaley.
Jen and Alfie28/05/16£20.00Good luck ladies. Hope you reach your target
Lee28/05/16£20.00Good luck
Hayley26/05/16£20.00Good luck Kales x
Mark26/05/16£100.00Good luck girls
Lorraine24/05/16£20.00Go for it Team Kaley, love Loz and Ernie. x
Ruth and claire14/05/16£20.00 
Belinda Melvin04/05/16£20.00Go Kaley!
Kay04/05/16£100.00Well done girls. What a great cause for animals. X
Bronticus and gonky dawg03/05/16£50.00Good luck guys. Great cause xx
Claire A03/05/16£20.00Good luck, I am sure you will be amazing.
Sue03/05/16£20.00Best of luck. We will be cheering for you
Claire Webster-Dell17/02/16£20.00Good Luck!! Xx
Nicki and Lady02/02/16£20.00Good luck Kaley!
Joe19/01/16£10.00Best of luck keep the midget lets moving forward
 18/01/16£180.00You girls rock. Do us all proud!
 18/01/16£20.00Way to go girls. We are behind you all the way!
Debb H12/10/15£10.00Amazing! Good luck! X
Jean 06/05/15£20.00What a challenge for a wonderful cause Kaley xx
Total donated online: £2,205.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £546.25
Clever Dogs IFAW Challenge

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