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Have a Heart is the charity of the Heart radio network, and aims to improve the lives of children living in the local communities to which Heart broadcasts. We are currently supporting the amazing and inspiring work of Children's Hospices UK. In particular we are working with their hospices to further the delivery of care to seriously ill children in their own homes.

Sarah and Vikki's Skydive

Victoria Meakin, Sarah Rock
Victoria Meakin has raised 110% of the target
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Thanks for sponsoring us.

We're doing our tandem jump for Have a Heart, which is currently supporting the Starlight Foundation.

Starlight gives once in a lifetime experiences to seriously ill children and also provides Fun Centres for children's wards at hospitals.

It's a great cause and one we hope we can raise a lot of money for.

We are both nervous about doing this and have already had sleepless nights! Sarah is terrified of theme park rides where you are left dangling from great heights; while just  thinking about doing this challenge made Vikki's palms sweat! But we're determined to see it through and hope you'll help us meet our fundraising target.

Donating through this site is simple.

Have a Heart will receive your money quickly and easy and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Many thanks for your support,

Sarah and Vikki

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Anne and Nigel20/04/10£20.00Well done!
Adam26/03/10£50.00Well done Vik, knew you could do it
The Botterills24/03/10£25.00Well done!
Leigh22/03/10£10.00Well done guys!
Peter Platt21/03/10£20.00Well done!
Tracey Ukwunnah21/03/10£5.00Hiya Vikki! Good luck today! I hope u have so much fun- well done for all your fund raising efforts! Lotaluv x
Beth Rose20/03/10£20.00Good luck Rockstar! I'll buy you a large glass of wine on Monday night I promise! xxx
Natalie Oram19/03/10£10.00Best of Luck!! You're so very, very brave!! (you must have a hot chocolate on me Sarah for calming purposes - like old times!!) xx
Aunty Tine19/03/10£5.00Just dont look down!!
Cath18/03/10£10.00Eeeeee! I have butterflies for you! Remember your parachute!! :D Love you XXX
nikki and carl17/03/10£10.00hope this helps you reach your target and makes the big jump that much easier!! ENJOY!!
David and Sylvie16/03/10£20.00Vikki, make sure you are still alive for Sylvie's birthday, or she will kill you LOL. Fly baby fly
Andy Commons16/03/10£10.00Ladies, this is a tremendous effort. I want to see some pictures, especially those proving Rock actually did do it! Good luck! ps - don't watch re-runs of Hollyoaks Later...
Laura 15/03/10£30.00I am so impressed with you two and a little jealous. Remember take a big leap and enjoy the views!
Nida14/03/10£15.00Best of luck!!
Chris and Pat14/03/10£20.00Wishing you fine weather and soft landings.
Danny P14/03/10£5.00Good luck Sarah! xxx
Ellie Simms13/03/10£5.00Enjoy your jump!
John Bercow MP12/03/10£20.00Well done Vikki and Sarah! Very best of luck for the jump!
James' nan and grandad and simone.12/03/10£50.00 
Huw James11/03/10£10.00Good luck again!
Huw James11/03/10£10.00Good luck!!!
Vashi & Kit11/03/10£10.00Good Luck girls!! You are sooo brave.... Vicky-Must meet with you soon, would love to hear all about it!!
Mike B09/03/10£10.00Standing on a mountain, Watching you jump out of a plane, Standing on a mountain, You must be insane!
Ian Stuart09/03/10£10.00Good luck!!
Nigel Farage MEP08/03/10£25.00Good luck, keep the good work up!
Sarah O08/03/10£10.00Good Luck Ladies!
Julie Wilson08/03/10£20.00Fingers crossed for a smooth landing. Good luck!
Rae07/03/10£10.00Gook luck chicky! x x x
Amy Payne06/03/10£5.00Go for it!
Sarah Williams03/03/10£20.00So brave Vik! Enjoy xxx
Dom to the Y02/03/10£15.00have fun!! go for it girls! Sarah - Nottingham smells
Carly Price02/03/10£10.00Good luck to both of you. You will love it!!!!xxx
Arti & Dane01/03/10£15.00Good luck girls & well done for being so brave!! x
Grit01/03/10£10.00Good luck!!! Sarah, why didn't you make Jmz do it too? While playing his horn!
Kate Benson01/03/10£10.00Good luck and thank you for your support! Kate x
wes 25/02/10£20.00pull the cord
Melia25/02/10£10.00You go Girls, wish i could do it with you x
Ashleigh Carroll25/02/10£10.00Good luck girlies, don't look down!
John Stratford25/02/10£10.00Have fun!
Lisa Marmaras24/02/10£20.00Good Luck from Australia Vikki. If I could get all the way over there to watch I would! Cheers Lisa xo
Mum & Dad24/02/10£50.00Everyone's going to step aside as you spread your wings and you will fly. Please make sure you land safely. Love & Hugs
Gareth, Sam and Isabella24/02/10£10.00Good luck!!
Selly24/02/10£20.00Good luck girls! xxx
David Lack24/02/10£10.00Good luck!
Sarah24/02/10£10.00Good Luck!
Steph22/02/10£10.00You guys are amazing doing this - I hope you enjoy it!
Cat Macleod22/02/10£5.00Wow good luck girls!! I'm nervous for you! xx
Debbie Lamb22/02/10£10.00Good luck ladies!! You are very brave but what a fantastic experience! Enjoy x
Theresa Halliday22/02/10£10.00Best of luck, girls!!! want to sponsor my boss in May?!?!
Sally Stevenson19/02/10£10.00You're going to love it.... :o)
Craig Greenall and Hollie Callaghan 17/02/10£20.00Hi Sarah/Viki, good luck rather you than me!! x
Thomas Leeds17/02/10£20.00Be brave and good luck!!
Cath16/02/10£20.00Wow - super impressed & all for a marvellous cause :-) Have fun!!
James, Vanessa, Maddie & Alex16/02/10£20.00Definitely rather you than me!!!
Clare & Rich15/02/10£5.00Good luck!
Charlotte your elephant friend :)15/02/10£20.00Good luck folks, blimey you're brave
Hannah, Dave and Clem15/02/10£20.00Rather you than me! Good luck.
Kirsten and Nick12/02/10£15.00Good luck and don't forget to wave! xx
Harj, Raj and Zacboyz12/02/10£30.00Good luck!! Don't poop yourself....
Craig10/02/10£10.00Good luck ladies. If you haven't done it before, free falling is the most sublime thing ever.
Emily Reed09/02/10£50.00It's something that I've always fancied doing - looking forward to hearing all about it! Good luck - it's all for a great cause x
Booton09/02/10£10.00Good luck dudes, try not to puke in the air, it will only hit you on the way down. xx
David Board09/02/10£20.00Good Luck! I hear that it's VERY rare for parachutes to snap off...
Mathew09/02/10£20.00Good luck girls! I'm very impressed with your bravery!
Total donated online: £1,175.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £293.75
Sarah and Vikki's Skydive

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