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Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we’ll be here. We provide support, information and advice to more than a quarter of a million disabled people and their families every year. We raise awareness of the issues that matter. And with your support, we'll keep driving change across society until this country is great for everyone.

Sophie is jumping for Scope! Woo!

Sophie Newton has raised 500% of the target
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Hi everyone!

**Due to high winds, the original date of jump 25.2.17 has been postponed to 4.3.17**

I am throwing myself out of a plane at 10,000ft. Why you ask? I am trying to raise money for the charity Scope - an amazing charity who aided my family during some hard times. As many of you may know, my brother Harry was born prematurely and unfortunately due to hospital errors he suffered irreparable damage to his brain. Thus he has Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. Life is tough, and as his sister I have witnessed heart breaking moments because there are so many boundaries for Harry. I do as much as I can because he can't, because there are so many obstacles for disabled people in this country and the world. Harry yearns to do a skydive and I hope one day he can, but until then I will do these things and involve him as much as I can, and raise money for charities- such as Scope who champion for change. Scope "exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else." They provide awareness and support and do amazing things. Please, please if you can contribute anything and help support this wonderful charity. 

Donating through this site is simple.

Scope will receive your money quickly and easily and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Many thanks for your support!


This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Mathy Holmes04/03/17£40.00Good luck Sophie
Shaun Hartley04/03/17£100.00Well done Sophie
Mac04/03/17£10.00Hope you enjoyed it!
Mark Newton04/03/17£10.00Well done Sophie
John Gunstone04/03/17£10.00Enjoy your sky dive
Wayne Fenton 03/03/17£20.00All the best and for a good cause
Charlotte dennett03/03/17£5.00Xxx
Hayley 03/03/17£10.00 
Rose Piccinino02/03/17£20.00Good luck, Sophie! Good job!
Cheryl01/03/17£351.00From me and all the people from Fauldhouse good luck! Lots of love. Xxx
Joey Whitehall 28/02/17£25.00Good Luck Sophie xx
Beth Poole27/02/17£10.00Good luck Sophie! Just don't wear your best lashes that day, eh?! They'll be blown off at 10,000 feet!!! You've got this & doing everyone proud. Much love. xxx P.S Fingers crossed they'll be no Newton
Ryan Loader24/02/17£5.00All the best Soph. X
Emily 21/02/17£10.00Good luck!
Lyndon Newton20/02/17£100.00Donation from Graeme Mundy
Chris Finch20/02/17£20.00You're Very brave Sophie, Best of luck Beautiful x??
Jacqueline Newton20/02/17£10.00Collection X
 20/02/17£20.00Good luck and enjoy the experience! A worthy cause : )
Gemma Haigh20/02/17£5.00I love that you are doing this for your brother and for charity!! Good luck with the jump (don't look down)!! x x
Carla Knighton 20/02/17£5.00Good luck girly!!
Leigh Worrall20/02/17£10.00Great idea for a brilliant cause, good luck for the day!!!xx
Becky Morpeth17/02/17£10.00Good Luck Hun xx
Andrew Newton17/02/17£20.00Good luck our Sophie
Sophie Newton15/02/17£20.00Donation from Kenny xx
Sophie Newton15/02/17£5.00Donation from Steve & Louisa xx
Claire15/02/17£5.00Good Luck Sophie!!
Jamie Eldridge15/02/17£100.00 
Grayson Matthews 13/02/17£10.00You are always helping people, which is lovely to see. Good luck with your jump.
Harry Baker11/02/17£5.00Good luck, have fun!
Giles Moore10/02/17£10.00Good luck!
Karl Townshend 10/02/17£20.00Good luck
Jake Brown 10/02/17£20.00Good luck with everything!
Alex Mullin10/02/17£10.00Good luck Sophie!
Jack Rutter 10/02/17£20.00Good luck. What an inspiration!
Gary Sanderson10/02/17£10.00Good luck Soph xx
Gymies PAYG Gym10/02/17£35.00Well done and good luck, Sophie.
Sam SUMNER 10/02/17£5.00?
Niraj Tanna08/02/17£20.00Your story touched me. Well done for doing this. Very brave
Jake Kensley08/02/17£10.00Well done Soph x
Ross Merison06/02/17£10.00Good luck!
Mr Colin White06/02/17£10.00On behalf of Team Baird
Charlotte Nicholls06/02/17£20.00Well done babe! Xxx
Julie Whytock05/02/17£20.00Grand job Soph xx
Ian Hollis04/02/17£10.00Good luck Sophie, great cause, love Ian & Cathy
Maximus Decimus Meridius 01/02/17£10.00Good Luck Newts Xx
Alex Harwood01/02/17£5.00Good luck Soph! X
Lyndon Newton31/01/17£107.00This is the collection from Salisbury FC
Bethan Dine31/01/17£10.00Good Luck!
Becky Amos31/01/17£10.00Good Luck Babe ?? Amazing xxxx
Chloe Bungay31/01/17£10.00Good luck buddy! Xx
Cláudio 31/01/17£10.00Good luck xx
Joe benfield 31/01/17£20.00Good luck Soph x
Rich Adlam30/01/17£10.00Well done Sophie, go you!!
Molly Warnock29/01/17£5.00Good luck!! Xxx
Hannah Smith 29/01/17£10.00You're a super star. Well done beaut x
Craig Phelpsy29/01/17£20.00Because everyone deserves a fair shot at living their life the way they want to. Xxx
Danielle Sierra28/01/17£5.00Good luck darling xo
Lois Taylor 27/01/17£10.00Good luck soph x you are one brave chica xxxxxxxxxxxxxx mwah xxxxxxxxx
Alice Windsor27/01/17£10.00Love you, good luck chica
Chezza ??27/01/17£20.00Good luck and well done ya stunner. Xxx
Keithy E27/01/17£10.00You're great for doing this!!
Faye Baker27/01/17£10.00Enjoy it up there !!! And good luck ??
Daniel Sado27/01/17£20.00I love you... you brave, brave and beautiful woman! And remember... WWSD?!
Sam "The Tank" Dunham27/01/17£20.00??????
Katie Loader27/01/17£15.00Good luck, Soph! You're amazing xx
Paige O'Keefe 26/01/17£10.00Good luck you crazy fool xx
Christian Smith 26/01/17£10.00Good luck Sophie
Elaine - mizz_laney25/01/17£5.00Good luck Sophie your very brave. Sorry it's not more xx
Sarah Craggs25/01/17£5.00Good Luck Sophie !!!! Sorry it's not much ?? #student #hardtimes
Laura Pascall25/01/17£5.00Good Luck Sophie :)
Jess marsh 24/01/17£5.00Your crazy for doing this but also amazing!! Good luck xx
Bethany & Eddie23/01/17£20.00Good luck! Enjoy and well done xxx
Rochelle Smith23/01/17£10.00Good luck - and well done! ??
Mike Bramwell23/01/17£50.00Good luck to you Sophie, and well done!
Simon Hipkin23/01/17£10.00This is amazing Sophie ??
Abi Griffin23/01/17£5.00Another sky dive?! You crazy!! But also incredibly brave and fabulous. Enjoy cherub! Xx
Faye Bramwell23/01/17£20.00Good luck Sophie! xx
Jenna Thompson 23/01/17£10.00Brave girl smash it x
Russ Priestley23/01/17£500.00Good Luck Sophie!
Sam Bell22/01/17£5.00Smash it Sophie x
Gavin Wilson22/01/17£20.00Great work Soph! Much love! xx
Natalya Bell21/01/17£5.00Well done Sophie! X
Dom and mel19/01/17£20.00Good luck
Harry Newton19/01/17£20.00Good luck Sophie, all the best.
Rod and Sarah Scarborough 19/01/17£20.00Great stuff! Go for it beautiful. Xx
Adam Oakley19/01/17£20.00Good luck x
Daniel Graham19/01/17£25.00Best of luck Sophie and for a Fantastic cause xx
richard woods19/01/17£10.00good luck
Dan 19/01/17£5.00Smash it!
Charlotte Tudgay19/01/17£10.00Good Luck Sophie
Jacky Newton19/01/17£30.00Good Luck to my brave girl XX
Lyndon Newton19/01/17£30.00Go for it Sophie X
Total donated online: £2,503.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £415.25
Sophie is jumping for Scope! Woo!

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