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Brain Tumour Research represents the united campaign voice of the Brain Tumour Research group of charities. Established in 2008, the charity Brain Tumour Research was launched specifically to raise substantial funds for brain tumour research and operates as a separate entity to the member charities. Our Mission is to raise at least £7 million per annum, to accelerate progress significantly in brain tumour research in the UK in order to make a clinical difference and to improve the outcomes for

Waiting in the Wings - Team Tena

TEAM TENA, Janet Walker, Carole Gibson, , Lisa Fleming
TEAM TENA has raised 120% of the target
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Hello Everyone!

Over the last few months there have been some amazing fundraising efforts in memory of our Jen to raise some much needed fund for Brain Tumour Research UK. 

So we're now going for 4th time lucky and hoping that the weather gods will be good to us on the 11th October!

The Wall of Hope was launched at the Brain Tumour Research Excellence Centre at the University of Portsmouth. To sustain the ground breaking research into brain tumours done by the team £1m is needed each year! This equates to £2,740 a day. When an organisation raises £2,740 a tile is placed on the wall to commemorate the achievement. We would love to see more tiles being placed on the wall in memory of Jen.

Donating through this site is simple we promise!

Anything you can donate to support our challenge would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support! We will need it!

Lisa, Janet and Carole



This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Cazza02/11/15£180.00and the rest cos I can't press the buttons properly!!!
Cazza02/11/15£20.00Lots of lovely donations from so many lovely people!
Gail Logan02/11/15£20.00Well done girls, I could never throw myself out of a plane, very impressed and you've raised soooo much money!
Deborah Rice12/10/15£20.00Well done to you all girls. Such a worthy cause. Jenny would have been so proud x
Sally11/10/15£20.00Well done x
Cameron Alexander10/10/15£5.00Well done, Janet, excellent cause. Enjoy the view!
Joanna Renée26/08/15£20.00Good Luck Ladies!
Felix23/08/15£10.00Another donation...might help to clear the clouds and calm the wind. Alan, as discussed! Good luck for
Rachel Cummings09/08/15£10.00Good luck!! X
Jennifer and Grant Somerville08/08/15£20.00All the best, ladies! Enjoy....!
Jenny Wood08/08/15£20.00Go on girls. Good luck!!
Alan Hogg08/08/15£215.00This is from Trinity Bowling Club and some from Wardie Church. Sincere thanks to all
Hannah and Jack Carruthers15/06/15£5.00Well done Lisa! xxx
Dorothy Thom12/05/15£20.003rd times lucky girls !
David & Kim Hogg and the Kids10/05/15£200.00Good luck girls it will be fantastic! xxx
Sarah Gilchrist 09/05/15£30.00Amazung challenge guys. ENJOY! Xxx
Sandra D09/05/15£30.00Best of luck girls.
John&lesley09/05/15£500.00enjoy the experience girls
Jason Clarkson 07/05/15£20.00Fly like angels ladies ! Inspiring ! Well done!
 07/05/15£50.00Good luck, thank you for doing this and enjoy it!
Meghan Jones07/05/15£5.00Good Luck Carole & team! I think you're all very brave :) xx
Nina Coussins03/05/15£5.00Best of luck! NX
Chris Lewis03/05/15£20.00Well done girls!
Maggie p01/05/15£10.00Good luck on the 10 th may - fingers crossed for the weather
christine r17/04/15£20.00keep breathing!
Livy and Gill11/04/15£20.00Well done! Livy thinks you have done brilliantly (as does her mummy)
Kirsty MacAulay09/04/15£10.00Good luck!
Work friends09/04/15£40.00Good Luck!
Roy, Joyce & Gwen09/04/15£90.00Good luck! xx
Angela McCulloch05/04/15£10.00Good luck!
Tomasina31/03/15£10.00Good luck from The Art Room team!
Stewart and Sarah Heney30/03/15£25.00Everything happens for a reason! I'm sure the wee delay will help you hit the new target. Go girls!
Alan & Rene Hogg30/03/15£200.00this is from staff of SMD, staff of Chauffeur Drive, staff of Nurse Bank, Doreen Roe.
Pauline & James Dickson 28/03/15£20.00Well done ladies. Reach for the stars. Xxx
linda wilkie28/03/15£10.00good luck Lisa and team, hope its a blast!
Lowbutt28/03/15£20.00Your all mental. Good luck
karen lombari28/03/15£20.00good luck girls x
Gaynor O'Neil28/03/15£10.00Have fun ladies! xx
Di Lewis28/03/15£20.00Awesome ladies!!
Gillian Bruce28/03/15£10.00'Orra best ladies!! xxx
Sabrina Seijo27/03/15£50.00well done ladies :)
Katy Gray27/03/15£5.00What an amazing thing to do! Will think of you tomorrow!
Hussy fi mussy27/03/15£10.00Team tena you are all amazing.....actually wish I was doing it with you xxx
Niki Hutchison27/03/15£10.00Best of luck brave ladies! x
Philip Doyle27/03/15£50.00You bunch of loonies :)
Alan, Andrea, Pascal, Daisy27/03/15£50.00Good luck.
Nicola Henderson27/03/15£20.00Good luck to my crazy cousin Lisa & your Team Tena buddies! Brilliant thing to do! Xx
Chris Haimendorf27/03/15£250.00Go for it gals - you are amazing!
Sadie, George and Abby27/03/15£10.00Good Luck girls xxx
Lesley, Stephen, Lewis and Cara27/03/15£20.00Absolutely mental! Good luck xxx
Lisa, Mark & Zach27/03/15£10.00Good luck Lisa! X
Stuart Sinclair27/03/15£10.00Very well done. Weather forecast not looking brilliant.
Cat and Cammie McCallum27/03/15£10.00Good luck and well done!! X
Paul, Karen & Louisa Whyte27/03/15£10.00Good luck xx
ali woo 27/03/15£10.00Hope you raise lots of money- good luck!
Emma Christie27/03/15£5.00Just moved house and bought furniture so afraid it's only a fiver! But best of luck and don't vomit mid-air!
Angie27/03/15£20.00Enjoy and keep safe x x
Andy Stanley27/03/15£50.00Enjoy the experience
Clare Ramsay27/03/15£10.00Good Luck!!
Graham Watson27/03/15£20.00DON'T LOOK DOWN!!!
Rachel Wood27/03/15£10.00Well done x
Norms27/03/15£10.00Enjoy to the MAX!!! xxxx
Rach27/03/15£20.00Good luck!!!!
Margo Steven27/03/15£10.00 
JT27/03/15£5.00Get In! Good luck ;)
Norma & Kenny26/03/15£30.00Reach for the stars, girls! Jenny will be with you all the way. Good Luck.
Gillian, Brian and Campbell Battison26/03/15£10.00Go for it ladies! Did a parachute jump myself a long time ago and it was one of the best experiences of my life, enjoy it! X
Sarah26/03/15£5.00Good luck Lisa (& Monkey) and friends!
Scott26/03/15£20.00All the best ladies! X
lucy26/03/15£50.00Team Tena, you nutters! Wish you all the luck. Very proud of you girls. Xxx
Elaine Clark26/03/15£10.00Al the best Team Tena. Fly for Jen! x
Bev25/03/15£10.00Good luck chick... Very proud of you. Xxxxxxx
Tabitha Watson24/03/15£5.00Good luck Carole and the team!!!! xxx
Suzanne Lofthus24/03/15£20.00Go for it and enjoy being strapped to a lovely young man!!!
Dianne Watson24/03/15£10.00Go Carole(and your friends!) have a blast! Love The Watson Familyxx
Auntie Kate24/03/15£10.00You will be fantastic, well done. A great way to support your dear friend and many
J's Aunty H22/03/15£100.00Enjoy the thrills but land safely!
Caroline, Rory & Emma20/03/15£10.00all the best to Lisa and team tena!
Pauline Fox20/03/15£20.00Best of Luck
Mags McPherson20/03/15£10.00Have fun!
lynda Byrne19/03/15£10.00Good luck Lisa & friends! Love from Oliver, Samuel & Sebastian xxx
Alison McAteer19/03/15£10.00Good luck!
Julie Gunn18/03/15£20.00Good luck girlies!! xx
Elizabeth Reid18/03/15£20.00Have a fab time, your friend would be very proud of you all. Love Elizabeth xx
Mum,Gran and Co!18/03/15£50.00Well done Lisa and your soul sisters. X x
Kirsty Tomassi18/03/15£10.00Good luck crazy girls, you will have a blast! Love the Tomassi bunch xx
Lesley Ward18/03/15£100.00Girls, this time lets not say, 'Break a Leg', will be thinking about you all...from the ground ! Big Hugs xxx
Linda and Jim17/03/15£50.00Well done, Lisa and friends - what a really special thing to do
Clairty17/03/15£20.00Go for it ladies! Lots of love Clairty xxx
Sarah Turner17/03/15£10.00Good luck Ladies! I guarantee you will love it! (once you have jumped) :)
Zoe Suggett17/03/15£5.00Nutters!
Philip17/03/15£20.00I would use that well known theatrical term ‘break a leg’ …but for a parachute jump? Maybe not. Good luck! :-)
Melanie and Niven17/03/15£5.00Good luck!
Marianne Doig17/03/15£10.00Good luck girls...bampots the lot of you!
Cameron16/03/15£5.00Good luck mummy! I love you very much. Daddy said I have to give you some of my pocket money. xxx
Euan16/03/15£95.00So, so proud of you - and I know Jen would be too. Actually, she'd think you were a bunch of nutters. xxx
Rhona & Kirsty McGrath16/03/15£20.00Good Luck Lisa - keep smiling (and borrow monkey's parachute as a back-up!!)
Shirley Hornig16/03/15£10.00close your eyes and .........jump!!! Good luck. Carole, hope that millionaire is waiting on the ground for you xxx
Aileen & Hazel16/03/15£10.00 
GR16/03/15£10.00Good Luck Ladies.
Felix McLaughlin16/03/15£20.00Youse are utter heedthebaws! Good luck and pack extra Tenas for the journey
Liam and Fraser16/03/15£20.00Just like Alton Towers pals!!! Go for it.... xxxx
Angela, Ali & the boys16/03/15£20.00Good luck!!!!!!!! Xxxx
mark gorman15/03/15£20.00go for it girls
Lauren, Keith & Anabelle 14/03/15£20.00Nutters ;) Good luck ladies, make sure you pack plenty of tena! xx
Sean & Monique13/03/15£15.00All the best guys! x
Sooz and the boys13/03/15£25.00Amazing job you crazy goofballs!!! Xx
Cheryl Pearson13/03/15£5.00best of luck
Louise Learmonth13/03/15£20.00Good luck girls! You're all amazing x
Gillian Porteous 10/03/15£20.00Good Luck Janet and Friends xxx
Karen, Rick and Finlay 09/03/15£20.00Good luck! Hold on tight!xx
Gerald Larner09/03/15£50.00 
Graham09/03/15£10.00Good luck!
Judith Black09/03/15£10.00Good Luck x
Mark Sylvia and Ruari08/03/15£25.00Good luck ya lunatics! X
Maxine07/03/15£20.00Well done ladies... Love xxx
Norrie & Bernice06/03/15£20.00Good luck girls !
Fifi, Mark & Amie06/03/15£30.00Soul sisters I'm so proud and can't wait to catch you at the bottom luv ya loads xxx
Julie Halley06/03/15£20.00Good luck ladies. All for a great cause.
Paul F05/03/15£25.00Some people will do anything to get tied up by some hunky guy.
Robert Allan04/03/15£20.00Well done to all of you for raising so much for such a good cause.
Judith Craven04/03/15£20.00Good Luck!
Fiona Watson04/03/15£15.00Rather you than me!! well done, girls!
Sylvia Buckley04/03/15£10.00Good Luck XX
Arlene Brotherston04/03/15£20.00Good luck x
Jackie Constable04/03/15£10.00Good luck!
Larissa & Kevin04/03/15£10.00Good Luck x
Iain Macleod04/03/15£10.00Good luck girls!!
Dave Bales03/03/15£20.00Good luck!
KEP03/03/15£10.00rather you than me
Nadiye03/03/15£10.00You'll have an amazing experience!!! You go girl!!
Rachel Maciver03/03/15£10.00Go Lisa!!! You're a braver woman than me. Well done for raising so much money for such a worthwhile cause xxx
Pavonce Knowles (Gabs)03/03/15£25.00Dont forget to actually wear the Tena's for this one.....XXXX
Jacquie Bruce03/03/15£10.00Good luck girlies! Rather you than me but such a great cause.xx
Cameron & Joan03/03/15£40.00thrill of a lifetime
Katy McLeod03/03/15£5.00Enjoy!!
Alison Fair03/03/15£10.00Good luck Janet x
Sandra Kerr03/03/15£10.00Good Luck
Jenni Knox03/03/15£10.00Crazy ladies, good luck! x
Geraldine Deponio03/03/15£10.00All power to The Tena Ladies!!!
Pat McKerrow02/03/15£10.00Well done ladies & good luck! Xx
Mr Serrels 02/03/15£20.00Go for it girls!!!!!!! From the diabetic F
Jennings clan02/03/15£20.00sending you lots of love...Jen will be laughing at you. I hope you have a soundtrack ready "take a parachute & jump" by Something happens, xx Jenny's cousin, god daughter & family
Katy Wakfield02/03/15£10.00Go ladies! Flipping mad but you only live once! xxxx??
Fay02/03/15£10.00What a brave thing to do (or crazy!). Good luck, be safe xxx
Katie Art02/03/15£10.00You absolute heroes! Good luck! X
DJA02/03/15£50.00there better be video evidence :P
Morag Hogg02/03/15£300.00Mum is insistent that I put money in for you from her. Love to you three from her xxx
DonnaH02/03/15£20.00Good luck xx
Michelle x02/03/15£20.00Awesome!!! Go for it! x
WHEC Colleagues01/03/15£50.00Good Luck!!
Mum & Dad27/02/15£40.00One up from the Moonwalk, the stars next time! Enjoy the view. With our love
Stuart and Clare24/02/15£20.00Good Luck, fly like a bird
Annie21/02/15£20.00Carole - terrific work! and thanks for all your quick-change help xx
Shona Sandison21/02/15£10.00Good luck girls! xxx
Elizabeth Owenson13/02/15£5.00Good Luck to all.
Georgie12/02/15£25.00Make sure you are strapped to a nice single man. Have lots of fun ladies. Your'e bonkers. xxx
Anne Brownlee11/02/15£10.00What an inspirational and brave challenge to undertake!
Hazel Weir11/02/15£10.00Wowsers, hold into your knickers girlies. Xx
Mike & Voni10/02/15£20.00Wishing you all lots of luck- a fantastic thing to do. Xxx
Richard Burgess10/02/15£10.00Wishing you a safe landing!
Ben Ghillie Dhu04/02/15£20.00Good Luck Lisa et al, have fun and u r all a true inspiration!!
Claire Dancer04/02/15£10.00Good luck Janet and chums!
Yvonne Whitehouse03/02/15£10.00Hope your wings help you fly! x
Lynne, Robert and Jack01/02/15£20.00Good luck x
gillian sutherland30/01/15£10.00Inspirational ladies well done x
Sarah Adwick29/01/15£10.00Best of luck girls!! Lisa - you never cease to AMAZE me! Jen would be very proud xxx
Liz M27/01/15£20.00Good luck...such a good cause. Can't believe you're doing this!
LISA MACDONALD27/01/15£10.00Good Luck to Janet and your team mates!
cath gray26/01/15£10.00good Luck xxxx
Amy B26/01/15£20.00You are all amazing! Jenny would be so proud. Xxx
Anna26/01/15£20.00Good luck! Totally inspired by all your fundraising efforts xxx
Ric26/01/15£20.00You lot are bloomin amazing!! Good luck x
Kristyna 26/01/15£30.00Brave girls well down you all!!! :-)
Mandy Shiel26/01/15£20.00Brave Girls xxx Good Luck xx
Nicola, Murray & Eva26/01/15£40.00Go on girls Xx
Christine mckay26/01/15£10.00What an amazing thing to do girls xx well done you never know c you might be strapped to the man if your dreams xxxx
Katie Mac26/01/15£30.00Hope you are strapped to hotties!!xx
Karen Edwards26/01/15£10.00Good luck girls, very impressed with your bravery. Kx
louise milligan 26/01/15£20.00good luck to all three of you. Amy and Ellie can't believe Lisa is going to jump out a plane. Wishing you all the best on your fundraising event xxx
Total donated online: £5,395.00
Amount raised offline: £0.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £1,145.00
Waiting in the Wings - Team Tena

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