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The North West Air Ambulance is a charity funded entirely by donations and we need your help - It costs over £3 million a year to keep flying... Every day of the year the air ambulance attends to people with life threatening illnesses or injuries across the North west. The maximum flying time to the nearest appropriate hospital in the region is 10 minutes. It is this time that is crucial to a patients survival. Only with your support can we continue to operate and save lives.

NWAA - London to Paris Cycle Challenge

Tony Lockwood has raised 70% of the target
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Not many people know that the North West Air Ambulance is a Charity. They receive no public funding to maintain a vital service to the North West - in many cases a 'life saving' service.

To help them in a small way to raise the £4.5m p.a. required to maintain the operation, I'm taking on a personal challenge.

Well I did it - I cycled from London to Paris, setting off on the 14th August, arriving at the Eiffel Tower on the 17th. It was a hard but very rewarding experience - I'd definitely recommend it.

I maintained a blog during the event - you can read it here - go to I'll also posted photographs etc on Facebook.

Although the event is now completed, you can still make donations to NWAA!

Donating through this site is simple.

NWAA will receive your money quickly and easily and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Many thanks for your support,

Tony Lockwood

This fundraising page is now closed. No further donations are being accepted.
My online donors:
Brett trevalyan28/08/13£20.00sorry it's late!!!
Barbara27/08/13£30.00Well done
Helen and Jack18/08/13£20.00Congratulations Tony. Tremendous achievement.
Gill Cattanach16/08/13£20.00Well done on reaching day3- you'll feel fantastic at the end- a big achievement,
Lynda Brislin14/08/13£20.00Good luck Tony and thanks for your support.
Mark Charnock12/08/13£25.00Good luck Tony. Hope Paris is ready for you in your neon Lycra!
Dad10/08/13£20.00best of luck
Nick Dolphin09/08/13£20.00Good luck Tony
Matt Subert09/08/13£20.00Good luck Tony, don't forget the gel shorts! :-)
Nick Smith08/08/13£20.00Good luck Tony
jacky s08/08/13£20.00good luck matie.....
Paul Hardman29/07/13£20.00An opportunity to gain pounds for a worthy cause and lose pounds for a personal cause - it's a win:win situation! Good luck, old sport
Peter Folwell20/07/13£20.00Good luck to you Tony. A great cause!
Chris&Mark Glynn14/07/13£50.00Ooh la la keep thinking about that cold beer waiting for you at the finish line!! Good Luck.
Anthony Lockwood05/06/13£20.00Good Luck Tony
Jeff Fail24/05/13£20.00Good luck Tony - certainly a challenge!
AMex20/05/13£250.00Great cause - go Tony!
xynergie14/05/13£250.00Well done Tony - Great cause, big challenge!!
Craig14/05/13£20.00Good luck Tony pump those legs hard
Darren Woods13/05/13£10.00All the best - great challenge, great cause
John K13/05/13£100.00Good luck Tony
Moazzam Raza01/05/13£30.00Given you're a "social cyclist" - I agree you're mad :) therefore here's a little donation - look forward to your finish line pic
Harry Cowan30/04/13£20.00Go for it Tony, good cause, good effort. Harry C
Amy Liebig29/04/13£20.00Last time I looked at a map there was a bit of water between London and Paris. Don't forget your snorkel! Worthy of luck!
Tim Lloyd24/04/13£50.00Best of luck Tony, it's all downhill from Calais...
Paul Ridehalgh23/04/13£25.00A very worthy cause, although there must be less physically taxing ways of getting sponsorship! Good luck and enjoy...
Martin Evans23/04/13£20.00Fabulous effort, Im a willing volunteer as a cycling training partner, just say where & when !
Joaquim Rodrigues22/04/13£250.00As it happens my father flew for an air ambulance service in southern Africa. He got his conversion to jet propelled aircraft with them which is what they tended to use. Often they would pick up patie
Kathryn orange22/04/13£20.00Great cause Tony - Don't drink too much wine in sunny France !
Nina Lockwood22/04/13£50.00Never mind the French Drivers, it's those cycling leggings that worry me :o)
Antony Perrett22/04/13£20.00Good luck - watch out for those idiot French drivers !
Total donated online: £1,500.00
Amount raised offline: £50.00
Plus Gift Aidsupplement of: £170.00
NWAA - London to Paris Cycle Challenge

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